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new year, new city, new home: living room style

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It was a long time coming, but Dani and I finally found a place in Chicago and moved to our new city (full time) at the beginning of the year! When I moved out of Nashville, I got rid of alllll my living room furniture, including my much beloved couch. As a result, we’re refurnishing the living room too, but it’s a bit awkwardly shaped without much room for a cozy couch like that anymore. Here’s my wishlist for what I would love to put in my dream living room!

Sofa: I had this guy in Nashville and I think it’s a little too bulky for our narrow living room, but I miss it desperately. It was long enough for my 5’11” frame to comfortably stretch out onto, super comfy, and hid stains really well. The microfiber fabric felt really great too. I miss this couch a lot.

Rug: Today we learned how to measure a room to pick out the correct rug size! I really like the different shades of blue and purple in this rug – it would look great against our gray walls.

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January 21, 2017

new year, new city, new home: bedroom style

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It was a long time coming, but Dani and I finally found a place in Chicago and moved to our new city (full time) at the beginning of the year. One of the most fun parts of moving has always been decorating my bedroom – since I got rid of almost all my furniture when I left Nashville, I had to start totally from scratch. In bed I like really cool colors – black, white, and grey. The walls in my bedroom are grey, so I’m trying to bring in more white through my bedding, furniture, and accents. Through the miracle of Amazon and sites like Wayfair (and my much-suffering friends who got recruited to help after I had surgery) I’m refurnishing and sticking to my budget. Here’s my vision board for some clean bedroom design if you’re looking for inspiration!

Bed: I’ve always had this vision in my head of wanting a tufted grey headboard and siderails, but it’s been pretty elusive to find anything close to my vision under $1000 (apparently I have expensive taste.) After endless hours of browsing Amazon for something I liked, I saw this one and pounced. One of the wings did come without the pre-drilled holes, so I called the company and they’re supposed to be sending out the replacement part. Once that’s on, I’m going to feel like the fanciest princess in my bed.

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January 12, 2017

like black and white / opposites 

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Marie Claire is one of my favorite magazines – it includes information that is actually useful and interesting, and their online articles are just as interesting (not to mention that “What A Good Woman Does,” my new obsession, debuted there recently.) Every month, they close the mag with an “opposites” section, where they give a celeb a list of questions where they’ll describe the opposites of each topic. Since I’m a celebrity in my own house (since I live alone and everything) I thought I’d take a crack at filling out their survey. Who knows, maybe they will get wind of it and print me in the next issue!

  1. Picky about gas stations. There are certain ones I would not be caught dead in / not so much about coffee. I will literally drink any that is put in front of me
  2. I feel for local government employees / no sympathy parents of toddlers. (If you are one, I’m sorry.)
  3. Skills mastered contouring! / can’t quite get the hang of email setups… or spiral staircases.
  4. Early for EVERYTHING / late for tech upgrades. I didn’t get an iPhone until 2013
  5. Totally get the appeal rooftop bars / don’t get at all dressing up to run errands
  6. Getting better at being nice to people / getting worse at being on time
  7. Perennially cool red lipstick / never cool unsolicited dick pics
  8. Moment of triumph finally being truly moved on from my ex / epic fail the move I’m currently waffling back and forth on. Nashville housing is hard, ya’ll!
  9. Glad it’s ahead of me my inevitable move to LA / glad it’s behind me certain relationships, for sure
  10. Hottest place I’ve ever been honestly, probably Michigan. I remember it being in the 100s the summer before I moved / coldest also definitely Michigan
  11. Always up for a nap. Mexican food. Pool hangs. Impromptu vacations. ER. / never up for scary movies or Metallica
  12. Too much in my life social media / not enough of oceans, lakes, or beaches
  13. Endlessly curious about history, political science, art… pretty much anything you can find in a museum / zero interest NFL football
  14. Subject I won’t shut up about lately Orphan Black and traveling / subjects I avoid lately I have been backing out of the confederate flag debate. As a displaced Yankee, I don’t want to get into it
  15. True believer coconut oil. At my last dentist appointment, they couldn’t believe that I don’t floss because my teeth were so clean and healthy. I oil pull almost every day, so I guess it’s paying off!  / major skeptic Orphan Black‘s Paul. Is he good? Is he bad? Is he on our side? HOW CAN WE KNOW!?
  16. Perfect day begins with a three-mile run or yoga / and ends with a (fancy) beer and some trashy TV
July 10, 2015

Empties Reviews: disappointments & holy grails

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Since moving to Nashville with an embarrassingly large stash of bath and beauty products, I’ve really tried to focus on using things up. It’s been hard, because I really like to try new things and I always feel like I need to stock up during the Bath and Body Works sale, but I’ve put a fairly sizeable dent in the collection. While cleaning out my shower, I thought I’d do an empties post of some products that were sitting around that I recently used up!

The Body Shop Hemp Body Butter This is a holy grail product for me. I used to have horribly ugly and painful dry feet – most of it was that I was walking around for years severely dehydrated and having no idea, but even when I do drink the appropriate amount of water, my heels get really dry. This body butter is the thickest and most hydrating (without being greasy) that I have found – slather it on your feet, throw on some cozy socks, and it feels great. It’s also really good for any other dry, patchy skin, and I love the light scent. Repurchase? Yes, repeatedly

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June 25, 2015

Springtime Friday Faves!

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It’s been awhile since I’ve done a “favourites” post, even though they are some of my favorites to read (and write!) This time, though, I found it surprisingly difficult – it seems like I was in a rut for a few months not really trying new things or venturing out very much. There are a couple new things I’m loving, so let’s check them out!

shark-tankShark Tank: Shark Tank you guys, I didn’t know! I accidentally got into this show during the ice storm when I was staying with Sixx and his roommates, who all watch it. Since then, I’ve spent my weekends binge watching it since I now work from home, and these episodes are on demand. (And maybe I’ve been watching the old seasons online too.) It’s cool to see all of the products and ideas people come up with, and I’ve maybe bought into a few of the ideas and businesses that have been featured…


The Trews: Pedal Steel introduced me to this band a few months ago, and I’ve been digging them a lot lately. This Canadian band has a great alternative rock feel that reminds me of the greatest generation and even though Spotify just took down my favorite album of theirs, everything else is great so head over to Spotify to check them out!

This Is Where I Leave You: to be honest, the jury is still out on this movie for me. There were parts of it that I absolutely loved, but the ending left me absolutely infuriated. I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t yet seen it, because I still think it’s worth the watch (especially if you love Jason Bateman or ensemble cast family dramadies), but I think I need to check it out again before I make a final call on it.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer: I really like to layer my SPF in the summer, and living in Nashville, summer comes a bit earlier. I’ve been using this under my beloved Urban Decay Naked Foundation and I love the little bit of extra coverage it gives vs. a primer with SPF – plus it’s super hydrating, matches my skin tone really well, and I can even use it on its own on a lazy makeup day.

Tennessee Brew Works Wit Wine: it’s no secret that I love beer. It’s also probably common knowledge that I work at a winery. We recently got in a new brew from TBW – a wit beer aged in cabernet wine barrels. It has almost a wheat-y taste, and is a perfect nightcap. (Of course I drank through the keg we had in, so it will be awhile before I can get this beauty back on my lips.)

Trello: I know I know, I did a whole post about my love for this cute little app, but it bears repetition. Using it for shopping trips is the newest gamechanger: I can make a list for grocery shopping as well as clothing chopping and check things off as I find them.

Brunette Ambition: Lea Michele is one of my favorite celebs, so I can’t believe I held out for almost a year before ordering her book. It came on a Saturday and during my lunch hour I tore through the chapter on Glee (of course.) The recipes look like food I actually could make, and this book reads more like a lifestyle blog. She should really get on starting one – I’m sure she definitely has time to blog while she’s on the set of Scream Queens 😉

What have you been loving this spring season?

April 17, 2015