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7 companies hiring remote employees this month: August 2018

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Customer Service Representative at Tumblebooks: Tumblebooks is a new app to me, but I’m super excited about it. Similar to Hoopla or Libby, they provide children’s and middle grade books to libraries for lending on mobile devices. I popped it on my iPad the other day and set it up with my library card, and there’s a really deep variety of books there. They’re looking for a CSR to field support inquiries by email and phone and help set up new member accounts. This would be an amazing entry to a growing company for anyone who loves books!

Taco Unicorn at HeyTaco!: HeyTaco is a Slack integration for teams to build each other up and motivate them, which I think is such a great idea. Especially in remote companies, often teams might not know what great work other parts of the company are up to. HeyTaco helps recognize company-wide, so the whole team can heap kudos (aka “tacos”) on each other. Since it’s a growing company, they’re looking for someone in customer service to set their own job description. This could be a great part-time remote job for establishing your niche.

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Senior Event Operations Coordinator at InVision: InVision is a graphic design app, and they’re expanding their event services team. This person will serve as a concierge for event attendees as well as the rest of the traveling marketing staff. InVision is a fully distributed company, but being on a traveling marketing team is one of the best ways to interface often with fellow staff members!

Social Media Engagement Coordinator at MeetEdgar: MeetEdgar is one of the dream remote companies to work for – they offer a housekeeping reimbursement to their teams! This part-time role is ideal for someone looking to transition to remote work, or even for a college student. You’ll be creating and sharing social content, and sticking to a collaborative content calendar!

Community Manager at Thinkful: Thinkful is a pretty cool new-ish company in the education sector. The Community Manager will help the marketing team raise brand awareness, organize free coding classes and events, and schedule and coordinate staff. Benefits include free tuition for Thinkful, so if you’re in marketing or event operations and looking to pivot to more hands-on code, this is an awesome opportunity.

Associate Product Manager at USA Today/Gannett: If you’re a technical writer, this job sounds awesome (and sounds especially exciting to me.) You’ll be user testing, writing a high volume of content, working with and finding brand partners, and consistently review and evaluate performance. This would be a great starter remote job for a blogger – it involves a lot of things we do anyway, and if you add those things to your resume, it can help you get ins with positions like this.

Freelance Writer at LitCharts: This would be a great side gig for an English or lit major. If you know classic literature really well and want to help others understand it better, check out this opportunity for LitChats. It’s flexible, so you can write as much or as little as you want, on their approval!

If you work remotely, do you tend to work from home, from a coffee shop or co-working space, or do you travel often?

August 22, 2018

tools to use to excel in a remote job

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Working from home has been growing in popularity – whether it’s owning your own business, freelancing, or contracting for a larger company, there are many ways you can start working from home. No more commute, no freezing office, and no annoying cubicle neighbors – sounds awesome, right? While it is really great, it’s not always as easy as it sounds, and these kinds of jobs are competitive. Today I’m sharing some of the most popularly used tools at a lot of virtual companies! The exact programs and apps you might use in yours can differ based on your company and position, but this is a good start on tools to start using that you could see in your position.

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Slack: There are a few team communication tools out there, but Slack is by far the most popular. It’s super comprehensive – not only is it built for instant messaging, they also recently introduced a built-in voice call integration, and you can even upload and share files. Lots of other programs have apps that can be installed (even Giphy!) so you can do things like search for travel with Hipmunk, get calendar reminders, and even use Stop. Breathe. Think. to meditate. This is probably one of the most important tools to have on your resume – and it’s super simple to use. Though Slack isn’t a remote company, they do have a job search site for companies that use Slack, and you can search for remote opportunities with Slack At Work!

Basecamp/Asana: Project management software can make your work life so much easier. Basecamp and Asana both make communication among teams easier with different project “boards” for various products, allowing you to set to-dos, timelines, and even more. I’ve used both Asana and Basecamp, and I prefer Basecamp more. (They’re also a virtual company, so watch for opportunities with them once you’ve gotten comfortable!) They also have free classes every week to help you learn and use Basecamp super effectively.  You can use my referral link as well to save on your Basecamp account.

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April 21, 2017

top 5: my favorite iPhone apps

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My phone has long been an extension of my arm – I use it for everything, whether I’m checking my email in the morning, running through Timehop for some laughs, or cataloging ideas in Notes or Evernote. Over the years, I’ve found some apps on my phone just can’t be removed – no matter what, I just can’t quit them. Here are my favorites!

Hoopla: I’ve talked about Hoopla before, and the love hasn’t left yet. Hoopla offers not only audiobooks, but also eBooks, albums, and movies as well. I haven’t checked out the music or movie options yet, but Hoopla is 100% the reason I hit my book goal last year – in December, I was frantically flipping pages through books in the app to hit my goal. I also really love Hoopla as compared to some other similar services because it seems to offer a wider variety of books. It syncs across devices so you can move from desktop to phone and back and never lose your place!

Duolingo: I started using Duolingo a few years ago when it first launched to brush up on my German and learn some Spanish basics, but I fell off the wagon pretty quickly. A few weeks ago I wanted something that felt productive and remembered Duolingo, and I dove back in. I want to go back to Europe in the next two or three years, so I’m committing to sticking with it this time. There’s also a web-based version now, if you prefer a bigger keyboard and screen when studying. They have plenty of different languages, so check it out and add me as a friend!

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February 27, 2017