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10 best things that happened in 2016

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This year was a hot dumpster fire, right?! 2016 as a whole was not great for a lot of people I know – and honestly, it wasn’t my best year ever. But, there were a few things worth noting, and in the interest of my ongoing quest to stay positive, here are the ten best things that happened to me this year.

  1. Hey New York City, I Love It When You Turn On Your Lights: I had a lot of really great trips and experiences this year, but the one that was the best was the trip I took to New York a few weeks ago. I went with a few of my best friends and made a ton more friends – oh, yeah, and saw my favorite band play four nights in a row. As a bonus, I also got to see Laura Stevenson for the first time, as well as the precursor band for The Hold Steady, Lifter Puller. (And got a Lifter Puller shirt, which I barely want to take off.) I also ate a lot of pizza, had amazing conversations with an author I have long loved who is also a fan of the band, and just being around people who love the band as much as I do (after almost 10 years of having no one to talk to about them) was pretty cool.

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December 31, 2016

Everything Old is New Again {money monday}

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I have been on this spending kick again lately. I want to buy ALL THE THINGS! But then I also stop, think about it, and realize that I want to move, and then I stop wanting to shop. Sort of.

I’m trying to allow myself one “fun purchase” per pay period (this time it was a sweet little dress from Altar’d State, a store with perfect clothes but a message I don’t love) and it’s working well, sort of, but I want more. Like this tumbler! And earrings. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before – it really never ends.

Since that post on conscious spending, I think I’ve done a good job at it. I’ve made choices to eat at home and pack lunches (or bring leftovers) for work, except for special occasions. Instead of mindlessly wandering the malls, I’m in a routine of hitting the gym for classes, cleaning, and grocery shopping on weekends.

During my cleaning jag this weekend, I found a way to make it feel like I was getting new things – I started cleaning out my car.


I live fully by this motto, but my car has gotten out of control. This weekend I took a bag upstairs that was full of things I’d packed up at work last …. (summer) and started going through it. Lo and behold, two of my favorite tumblers and my lost suit blazer. While roaming Kroger earlier in the day,  I had found myself wanting a fun new tumbler (even though I have no reason to get one.) Finding new/old cups satiated my need though, and made me stop browsing around.

With summer coming around, I’ll get to switch out my winter wardrobe for summer clothes (plus, with a trip back to the mitten coming soon, get to dig through my “extended storage” still at my parents house.) Maybe this will make me feel like I’m getting a new summer wardrobe, when really I just haven’t seen the clothes for awhile.

In other “everything old is new again” news, we went for a day trip and stopped into an antique store over the weekend. The Walkman I had as a kid was next to a shelf of vintage cameras! How did this happen?!

Do you shop your closets or cabinets for new finds? What’s your most horrifying antique store find?

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March 10, 2014

Moving While Nobody’s Looking

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It’s no secret that I have been trying to move (basically since I moved south.) I was unhappy for a lot of reasons, I was upset about the lack of social scene (I’ve been here for 1.5 years and basically have two friends), and being eight hours from my closest family members has weighed on me much heavier than I expected. One of the places that I had been focusing my search was Northwest Ohio (where Sixx lives). It’s a beautiful area, has more sports/music jobs than even I realized, and is driving distance to both my parent’s house and my southern Ohio family.

A lot of things have changed in his life in the last two months (all of them I am SO THANKFUL for) and now he wants to move to a place we vacationed to a few years ago that I actively remember him saying, over and over, how much he hated. Regardless, he’s pretty set on moving there this month, and asked if I want to move with him.

I’m torn for a lot of reasons. Obviously, I’m not making any sudden movements without having a job and moving fund in place. It’s not a city I have seriously considered moving to (even though I loved and we have a lot of friends who are there,) and it’s much farther from my family. Despite what he thinks, jobs will probably be harder to find, or at least much more competitive, in our field. AND, I have been second guessing myself lately. Blame it on a gym high or the fact that I saw Dallas Buyers Club this weekend, but I’ve already been considering switching career paths into something fitness-related or back to HIV/AIDS research and activism (in my former life, I was an African Studies/Public Health student.) I’m also torn because the things that I like about my city now I REALLY like, enough to want to stay. (When he asked what those things were, my answer was “the gym… and my favorite gym teacher.”) Plus moving is super traumatic on me and even a cross-town move takes a lot out of me.

Life being what it is, I know this won’t happen – but May would be my “ideal” move month. My lease will be up, my free gym time will be up, and the season at work will be over. But obviously, life doesn’t ever work according to my plan. In the meantime, I’m trying to convince him to come squat at my place for a little while. I’m the one with a career, and I know we aren’t “together” right now… but we’ve been talking a lot about getting back together. Funny how growing up has changed him and made him realize everything he has lost.

So that’s what’s been on my mind lately. Lots of making plans that are months ahead. I’m sure I’m moving in 2014… I just need to figure out how to make it happen.

January 6, 2014

{fall favorites}

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This fall I’ve been trying to get out of my usual cycle of Glee, Buzzfeed, and the same sad music (no matter how much I love it.) Here’s what I’ve been digging lately!


The League – this semi-scripted show about fantasy football is HILARIOUS. I started watching it at a friend’s one night and ugly laughed the whole way through. There’s even an episode called “The Marathon” which had me rolling on the floor laughing. I need to put an asterisk on this one – I HATE fantasy football, so it’s really saying something that I love this show!

Fashion of Glee – this is a website I didn’t know I was missing until I found it. It attempts to source anything and everything the cast or characters wear. Now that I’m losing weight and can fit into a lot of these things, it’s fun to buy a Rachel Berry sweater and embrace my inner style nerd (when the pieces hit clearance, of course.)

herbal-essences-long-term-relationshipHerbal Essences Long Term Relationship – this shampoo has made my life SO MUCH EASIER! I should have known it would be great because in high school I used (and loved) their straight hair formula. It smells so good, my hair is shinier and more easy to manage than it has ever been, and I’m sure it’s from the shampoo. On Black Friday I plan to get the conditioner to see if it makes it even prettier. – MTV VJ Dave Holmes was long one of my childhood crushes. Fast forward ten years and we are Facebook friends and he’s a writer for Vulture. Last week they did features on fame in 1998, and I lost my mind for them. I miss the 90’s.


Drive-By Truckers – they’re a band I should have always loved. They’re the south’s answer to the Hold Steady (my favorite band) but when I gave them a try a few years ago, I didn’t love it. They’re my friend’s favorite band, and he made me a mixtape of their best stuff. I get it now.

What are you into this fall?

November 25, 2013