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August 8 {thankful thursday}

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The last few weeks have been pretty trying, both at work and personally. Especially now that I’m sick, I’ve been throwing myself a pity party for any little offense – my cup is out of water? Woe is me. I have to run the dishwasher? But I’m so sick I can barely get out of bed… those sorts of things. So I’m trying a new exercise where I name things on Thursday that I am thankful for to try to give myself perspective – I know I’m lucky, but it’s sometimes so easy to get bogged down.

  • I’m thankful to have a job while many of my friends are still trying to make it work on part-time jobs
  • I’m thankful for a roommate who, even when he drives me nuts, will drive to the drugstore to get me NyQuil and tea before heading off to school
  • I’m thankful for my college education, even when I get upset about my student loans
  • I’m thankful for my friends, even when we are at each other’s throats, and especially thankful for them lately as I’ve probably been pretty hard to deal with
  • and I’m thankful for the delicious brownies that I’ve been eating on all week. 🙂
August 8, 2013