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monthly roundup no. 10: february 2019

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It’s that time of the month again where I clear out my Pocket articles and share some of my favorite articles I collected this month. It seems like I’m tending more toward technical-type investigations lately, which makes sense as I continue through my Superhi course. This is the first bootcamp I’ve found that really works for my teaching style, so if you’re a highly visual or design-oriented learner, I can’t recommend them more.

Since that kind of reading isn’t for everyone, I’m sharing some of my favorite entertainment write ups from the month. Lizzo! Laura! Roller coasters! More crummy musician men! It’s all here for you today.

It’s Just a Matter of Time Until Everyone Loves Lizzo: If you aren’t listening to Lizzo yet, what on earth are you doing? Her music is super feel good, and she’s unapologetic from everything from her body to her self-love. She’s the baddest ass flautist I’ve ever seen, and I just hope to someday feel about my self the way Lizzo feels about Lizzo. And also the way I feel about Lizzo.

The Spectacular Failure of the World’s Only Hard Rock Theme Park: This hits on two of my biggest interests: abandoned things and theme parks. I had no idea that there had even ever been a Hard Rock theme park, let alone that it had been in South Carolina of all places, and this thorough tour through its history was fascinating.

After many many years, favorite blog The Billfold is closing. One of my 2018 highlights was to finally be published there, and I’m very sad to see it go. Despite the popularity of other money sites, none of them are as personal as writers and articles were here.

On Dermatillomania: Laura Stevenson is an amazing songwriter and singer, and her jams have been there for me through some of the ugliest of times. She penned this essay on self-harm for Talkhouse, and I’m glad that she was able to share her experience so it can potentially help so many others. (Big ol’ TW on that if you’re susceptible to self-harm.)

13 Reasons We Type in Lowercase: I type almost exclusively in lowercase. At work, I type lowercase in our Slack channel, but it’s hit or miss everywhere else – Basecamp and Github see varied cases, I guess depending on the day. I’ve always thought it was mostly for speed – not hitting the “shift” key does save a little bit of time, I suppose – and, probably, a little bit of laziness.

Ryan Adams and the Betrayal of Teenage Girls: At this point it’s little shock when a powerful man’s abuse comes to light, and while I don’t think that Ryan Adams was a surprise, reading the NYT article with the women he abused hit very close to home. Mandy Moore’s quote at the end of the piece is something I think I’ve said verbatim about my abuser in the past. This Buzzfeed piece is just one more illustration that this is not isolated – it happens everywhere, to almost every woman.

I think capping it off with something happier would be nice. A friend of a friend wrote Hymns for Druggie Party Kids awhile ago, and it was recently published. It’s a great piece on how music can find you when you need it most, and it of course features my favorite band, The Hold Steady.

Any articles you particularly loved this month? Share them below!

February 21, 2019

Developing Your Marketability Without Breaking the Bank

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When I was between jobs last summer, it would have been so easy for me to slack off and feel sorry for myself. Instead, I worked on my marketability: I attended conferences, networked, and did as much as I could to make myself more employable.

If you have a job, check with HR to see if you’re eligible for any upcoming training sessions. My years of delaying CPR certification paid off when my job offered training at no cost to me! I also found out about an online database I have access to with modules outlining many facets of business (and many other things, I’m sure), which will be good for me to peruse before I make a decision about going back to school. This even goes for a part-time job: I had the opportunity to get that CPR certification during the side gig I had on my “off-season,” but never got around to it.  I was given the opportunity again once I got here, but if I had it to do over again I would absolutely have taken advantage the first chance I got!

Take advantage of as many free conferences or training sessions as you can, whether it’s an online course from Coursera or something offered from a professional organization you belong to or aspire to belong to. Look around your community for talks or meetings. Be sure and network while you are participating – there’s no better way to leverage your new experience than by making sure people know you were there!

The library is also a wealth of helpful information and resources, and it all comes free of charge. Many libraries now also offer books to be checked out virtually via Overdrive or other e-book roviders. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you also have access to check out thousands of books free of charge with your membership. There are also free books if you have an iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or other tablet, and you can download a free Kindle app to read.

When all else fails (or you are too lazy to get to the library,) there’s always Google. There’s probably not a week that goes by that I don’t find myself searching for a Photoshop tutorial on some little nuance that I’d never picked up on. If you’re worried about not having the Adobe suite, the Pixlr online advanced editing tool is wildly similar to Photoshop. (I actually used it the other day when I didn’t want to wait for PS to load) and graphic design is a great thing to have on your resume.

What other resources do you use to make yourself more marketable?

February 22, 2013