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favorite amazon buys

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My birthday is this weekend! Yay! Sipping champagne in a hot bathtub, playing video games, reading a book, and watching boyfriend play a show are how I’ll be spending it. Those are a few of my favorite things, so today I thought I’d share a few more. These are some of the products I’ve found that I can’t imagine living without anymore – they make my life so much easier!

Platypus Water Bottle: This is my absolute favorite Amazon buy ever, and definitely one of my favorite products from anywhere. I try to drink a lot of water, but when I’m out and about, I would never bring a water bottle with me because they’re heavy and take up a lot of space in your bag. Viola, a collapsible water bag! I love this one because it has a double latch closure and it’s never leaked on me, and also has a built-in carabiner clip. I get asked about it all the time because it’s such a handy thing to throw in a bag without taking up any space. (This Contigo water bottle is still my favorite one at home, though!)

tea stand

Tea Bag Organizer: I had seen these advertised a lot and thought they were super gimmicky, but after too many visits to DavidsTEA, it was clear I needed to do something with my boxed teas. When it was on a lightning deal, I finally went ahead and nabbed it – and, as advertised, got SO MUCH space in my cabinet back. If you’re an avid tea bag drinker dealing with piles and piles of boxes in your cabinets, I can’t recommend this enough.

SET: I love games – board games, card games, and even recently video games. SET is a longtime favorite card game of mine. You look for “sets” of three cards that either have everything in common, or nothing in common. It’s a good brain teaser, and I like it because you can play it with someone or solo.

Coat Hook: We have three of these in our house now, and they’re exactly what I was looking for when I found them last year. It was surprisingly hard to find single hooks that were affordable! This hook is $1.88 and we hang additional coats on them in our coat closet, and I mounted one in my office to hang my blanket (forever cold) and work bag.

Boot Socks: A few years ago I ordered these on a lightning deal to give someone else, and ended up claiming a pair for myself. They’re soft, thick, so warm, and really cute. If I had any more space in my sock drawer, I’d order another set so I’d never run out between laundry.

Top Knot-Friendly Beanie: I’m not sure if this is a sign that I Have Given Up, but 99 days out of 100, my hair is just in a messy top knot on my head. That always resulted in me looking pretty silly during the winter, with my beanie half-off my head. I had a similar one from lululemon a few years ago, but the ghosts in my old apartment made off with it somehow, so I was pumped to find this one on Amazon for a super reasonable price!

Drawer Organizer: JosephJoseph has the best kitchen stuff – multi-functional, space saving, and fun. We had a weirdly narrow drawer in our kitchen, and I picked this organizer up after seeing it on Apartment Therapy for the 40th time. It’s a nice use of space that would otherwise have been junked.

Travel Infinity Scarf: This simple, classic infinity scarf would have been perfect when I was traveling non-stop. It features one inconspicuous pocket, big enough for a passport, some cash, and even my iPhone 8 (though that does weigh it down significantly.) I’ve taken to not carrying a purse with me much anymore, so this is a great help in freeing up my hands!

Foldable Duffel Bag: THIS BAG IS AAAAAMAAAAZING! It doesn’t look like much, but holy cow, it can hold a lot of stuff. I’ve used it on two week+ trips, and I don’t find myself struggling to edit or make room for things that don’t fit. It folds up into itself, so it makes a nice extra to throw in a bag on a trip you might shop on, and it’s so lightweight it doesn’t add any extra bulk. It’s become my favorite travel bag.

book club book reviews

Picture Ledge: In my old bedroom, I only had one nightstand, so on nights that my boyfriend would stay over, I wouldn’t have a surface to put my phone or a book on. Enter: the picture ledge. It’s a narrow width so it didn’t jut out (no headbanging in the middle of the night) but large enough to hold my phone, a book, and some other essentials like chapstick or lotion. I even stuck some fairy lights under it to serve as a reading lamp, and mounted a mason jar lid so I’d have a place to “put down” a glass of water!

What are some of your favorite products to make life easier? Have you tried any of these before?

January 17, 2019

2018 gift guide: stocking stuffers

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stocking stuffer ideas

It’s that time of year again! Holidays always seem to be the time of year where we feel totally stumped by the people we want to gift. Either they have everything, or they don’t “need” anything. Sometimes it’s a really nice gesture to take a deep look at the recipient’s personality and connect that to any gifts you want to give them. It’s a good tip to keep in mind year-round!

Stockings are my favorite part of the holidays, because tiny presents can go really far. Here are a few ideas anyone in your life is sure to love, if you’re stumped for ideas!

Portable Light Therapy Lamp: Holidays are great, but the winter SAD is real. I use blue light therapy to combat some of those feelings, and it definitely helps. This cute little lamp is great for a traveler or for anyone to put on their desk to pop on – I especially like using mine in the morning.

Playing Cards: These waterproof ones are perfect for drinking games (I had them in college and they lasted for three years), or go a little more upscale with this sleek black set.

Fringed Blanket: Surprise! I love blankets, especially thin cotton ones. They’re easy to roll up and stick into a stocking, and the neutral colors in this one would fit any color scheme.

Travel Candle: Candles can often seem like a default gift, but they’re one I really love getting. Capri Blue’s Volcano scent is a favorite, but I also love rich, masculine scents like this sandalwood one as well. Modern Alchemy has a great deal on a mystery box too, so you could stock up for multiple gifts!

Things I’ll Cancel Later Planner: For the last two years I’ve been bullet journalling and it works well for me, but sometimes I find myself wanting something smaller to throw into my bag. Last year I saw these at Saks and fell in love. They’re quirky with cocktail recipes and funny holidays, really well-made, and high quality. It would make an excellent stocking stuffer! (It’s on sale at Bloomingdale’s until the 9th, and they also have 6% back on eBates!)

Platypus Water Bag: This is hands down my favorite Amazon purchase of all time. I was never carrying water bottles around with me on the train because they’re so bulky, or take up so much space in my bag. On my recent trip to New York, there were people in the airport with water bottle envy, asking all kinds of questions and wanting to know where I’d gotten it. I prefer this model more than the Vapur ones – it has a double lock, and a built-in carabiner for an easy way to clip it on.

Wax Melter: I’ve never seen a wax melter that plugs into an outlet, and I love this idea! I also love this company’s bear-shaped wax as well, though it might be a bit hard to see them melt down 🙁

Hanging Light: I love these kinds of hanging lights – they’re easy to wrap around rods in closets or tack up in spaces without a lot of lighting. Affordable too, and easy to tuck into a stocking!

Smart Sweets Gummy Bears: After starting to eat keto, I discovered these as a suggested sweet treat. They taste exactly like “regular” gummies (but better, in my opinion.) I got them for family stocking stuffers and

Portable Surge Protector: This is a really nice outlet for travel – I hate bringing wall warts, so I’m always looking for surge protectors that have built-in USB ports. It’s also great for someone who wants a lower-profile outlet at home than traditional surge protectors.

Looking for more ideas? Check out my Amazon Stocking Stuffer Idea List – I’ll keep updating it with more fun ideas as I see them!

December 7, 2018

you are worth printing | printiki review & discount code

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This post contains affiliate links. Printiki provided a free sample for review, but all opinions are my own.

Having a high-res camera in my phone has meant I take more pictures, but print fewer than ever. I used to be the girl at parties in college shooting photos of everything, posting them to Facebook immediately (things were so simple then…), and printing the keepers. I think in 2016 I printed one photo – a goofy one of Pedal Steel and I. They’ve been piling up, but what is the point of even printing them now? I don’t scrapbook anymore, and since everything is digital, I don’t need extra clutter around. That’s when I discovered Printiki. They offer high-quality prints at affordable prices and several different size options. They offer not only prints but also photo books and posters of all different layouts and sizes.

Their motto is “you are worth printing,” which I think is such a clever slogan.

The Printiki creator is really easy to use. You can upload directly from your computer or phone, or import from Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox, Google Drive or even Microsoft. Since the uploader also works on mobile devices, you could print a gorgeous photo book, poster, or prints right from your phone. Printiki is based in the Netherlands, but they ship worldwide. (For a full list of countries, click here.) They charge in your currency, so there shouldn’t be any conversion fees from your bank, and shipping is very reasonable. I ordered a batch of 30 medium “retro” prints – I love the Polaroid feel. (You already know that if you’ve checked out my other blog!)

printiki coupon code

My prints arrived in about a week, and the matte paper I chose feels so buttery. (That might be weird, but it feels so nice!) Unlike other services I’ve used to import photos from Facebook, these aren’t grainy or pixellated at all – those photos are just as high res as the ones I uploaded directly. The Retro prints are great to give any space a real-life Instagram look – I’ve hung several on clothespins and string in my room. It’s also a fun way to add some friendly faces around your desk while working. They’re also really adorable in a floating frame (like this one from Amazon) mounted in a reading nook!

printiki promo code book nook

For the next round I order, I’m going to make them into magnets with some magnetic tape  – cut up the photos and you could even make a refrigerator puzzle!

Printiki’s Blog is also beautiful – it has inspiration for what to do with your photos, and a lot of it can inspire home decor ideas as well. The post on how to organize photos on your phone is going to help me get my 9,000+ photos under control for easier organization.

Use promo code GJHHPWWE for free shipping!

Do you print your photos? What creative ways do you display yours?

May 31, 2017

treat yo’ self with bloomsybox!

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There are all kinds of subscription boxes out there: beauty, style, coffee, wine, books – you name it, there’s a subscription box for it. Now that it’s spring, I found the perfect treat yo’ self box. Every month (or week, if you want), BloomsyBox will send a fresh hand-tied bouquet to brighten up your house! There’s something about having flowers in my house that makes me feel really fancy, and I love the way they freshen the sometimes stale air in our apartment.

BloomsyBox handpicks their flowers and bouquets, curated based on the season. They work with sustainable farms to pick their flowers fresh and ship them quickly – this also helps ensure that you get the maximum enjoyment out of your blooms. Direct shipping also means that you’ll get higher quality flowers at a much lower cost than in a floral shop or grocery store! Single-varietal deliveries also mean that there’s no filler, creating a sleeker look in your vase (which I love.) They’re so passionate about your satisfaction that they offer a 100% money back guarantee, and I saw many examples on Instagram of happy subscribers who had certain shipments replaced for whatever reason.

The flowers are secured solidly in the box and hand tied, which is a nice extra touch of luxury. Included in the box are instructions on how to care for the flowers to ensure they last as long as possible. BloomsyBox sent me a beautiful bouquet of white roses, which I excitedly began arranging. In addition to the flower care tips, they include the flower food sachet as well.

I love to have flowers on my nightstand or at the foot of my bed – there’s just something about waking up and laying your eyes on the colorful blooms and breathing in the soft scent that starts your day off right. There are so many ways to use flowers to brighten up your home, though!

Somewhere I’ve never really considered putting them is in my bathroom. I have a window with a nice ledge there, and it may be one of the only spots in the house that gets any direct light. The vase is nicely framed there – plus the roses giving off such a pretty smell in the bathroom doesn’t hurt either!


They also look really great as part of our gallery wall – flowers can be artwork too!

You could even think outside the box and use the flowers for craftier projects, like flower wreaths or dried bouquets. BloomsyBox would make a great monthly gift for yourself, or for anyone else in your life who could use a little sunshine this spring (or all year long)!

Are you a flower addict like me? What’s your favorite flower?

I was provided a complimentary product from BloomsyBox to review, but all opinions are my own, and no compensation was received.
April 5, 2017

home decor DIY: recreating wall art

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Dani and I moved into our new apartment a few months ago and we were #blessed to find an apartment that doesn’t have white walls. They’re a nice cool grey, but they still needed decorating. In my living room style post, I had found a painting that I envisioned for above the fireplace. Dani really liked it too, but neither of us felt like shelling out almost $100 for something to hang up. We both really love arts and crafts and DIY, so that’s exactly what we decided to do – paint it ourselves.

Last Sunday, we headed over to Joann’s to pick up supplies for a crafty day to recreate the painting from Wayfair and a few other projects we had planned. For this project you’ll need the following:

  • A canvas – you pick the size. The ones that were the size we wanted to fill were expensive, so we got even craftier and decided to split it up onto two canvases. This also meant we could each paint one side! ($12.36 with coupon)
  • Paint – we picked purple and copper. ($6.75 each)
  • Sponges and brushes – we had 1.5″ sponges and whatever brush you’re comfortable with for the arrow. ($1.49 and $2.49)
  • Paint pallet ($1.50)
  • Water

From there, it’s pretty straightforward. We pushed the canvases together and started from the middle with the sponges, mixing a little black in for the middle to be the darkest part. Pulling the canvases apart, we each took a side to paint. Adding water to thin it out and make the color a bit lighter on the ends, we painted the edges of the canvas as well so it looked like it was continuous when hung. After drying for about an hour, we popped out the gold paint and the brushes, then started on the arrows. For these we painted the edges as well.

I think it came out really well, and I also love that we both got to do different sides of the canvas.

Are you into DIY-ing your home decor? What are your favorite projects?

March 29, 2017