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19 unique Mother’s Day gift ideas

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mother's day gift

Mother’s Day is coming soon! Though she deserves it (and I wish I could give it to her,) I’m not in a place yet that I can send her off to an all-inclusive spa resort somewhere warm. There are still plenty of ways to spoil your mom and make her feel like you splurged on her for a day.

When a lot of people think “mother’s day,” they think of the typical flowers and massage gift card, but there are tons of unique ideas the ladies in your life will find more useful. (But honestly, as long as you steer clear of something like a new vacuum, you’ll be in the clear.)

Letters to My Mom: This is a super creative, interactive gift that keeps giving. The book is made up of envelopes with prompts, as well as times for your mom to open each of the letters. I’ve been sitting on one of these for a few years and every time I sit down to write a letter, I get very emotional. You could even DIY this – gather up some envelopes and write specific dates on the front with times you want your mom to open that letter.

Tickets for an Event: Taking her out on a date is a great way to spend time with her and show her you pay attention to her interests. With the resurgence of a lot of “legacy” performers going out on tour, maybe her favorite is coming around – or pick a musical or play that’s more her speed. If she’s into sports, see if there’s a game near you. Minor league games are even really fun, and often have fun promotions. My family and I love going to dollar hot dog nights!

Greetabl: Dani sent me a Greetabl last year when I was going through a tough time, and not only was it so cute, the tea they packed was super good. They have a bunch of cute things to pick from, so there’s sure to be something there for all the ladies in your life.

Candles: My mama llama loves candles, but she doesn’t buy them too much anymore. Target has a really great selection, and TJ Maxx and Marshall’s are also typically pretty safe bets – or hit up Etsy to find something more specialized for her tastes!

Nisolo: When I think about fine leather goods, luxe leatherwear is near the top of the list. Nisolo is focusing on making fashion more sustainable, and their bags and shoes are super high quality (I could never pass their stand in the Green Hills Mall without taking a moment to feel the smooth leather.

Air Plants: These might be the only plants that I’ll be able to keep alive, but they’re also really cute and add some color to places you might not normally be able to stick a plant. I love these ones with the diamond and gold detailing, or opt for a terrarium instead.

Squarehue: My mom loves painting her nails and I would estimate that the amount of nail polish she has could line the walls of each room in her house. That makes it a super safe bet, though – Squarehue delivers two or three unique shades every month.

Aromatherapy Scarf: NP loves scarves, and her kids always steal them. This actually works out well for me, because I always know what to get her! I love that this one comes with aromatherapy for a little extra relaxation built in.

Maid for A Day: If there’s anything the women of this world need, it’s a day off. (Emotional labor is tiring, am I right?) Local websites like Thumbtack and Nextdoor make it easy to find and hire for all kinds of services, including maid and cleaning services. If she already keeps a spotless ship, think about getting her a private chef or butler.

Charging Purse: There’s nothing worse than being out and about and having your phone die. Sometimes outlets aren’t super available, so even carrying around a spare charger doesn’t help. This bag is cute and light but has enough room to pack the essentials, and it has a built-in charger for epic length shopping trips (the ladies in my family are notorious for these!)

Artwork: Etsy has all kinds of cute artwork you can personalize, from family trees to maps. You could also make it super custom and design something in Canva or Photoshop to print!

Corksicle Wine Chiller: Late spring is the perfect time for a chilled glass of wine on the patio, and there’s nothing worse than waiting for the wine to cool (or is that just me?) Pick up a Corksicle so she can plunge it into any wine – for extra points, pick up a bottle of her favorite for a perfect gift anytime.

Coffee Subscription: If the ladies in your life love coffee (and really, who doesn’t) a coffee subscription is a great way to help them try new blends and take something off their grocery list. Subscriptions from services like Rhetoric Coffee can be customized to the frequency and amount you want (plus it’s super good – check out our Rhetoric review here!)

Herb Garden: Fresh herbs can add a lot to a meal or ice water, and they’re relatively easy to care for. This cute little windowsill herb planter is even cute, and the clean lines would match any decor!

Pajamas: There’s something about a pair of matching pajamas that make me feel really fancy – maybe it’s because I typically throw on sweatpants and an old band shirt and call it a day. My mom loves pajamas too, so a pair of cozy pajamas are an easy and inexpensive gift.

Sleep: Your mom is not getting enough sleep. Trust me. I don’t care how old you are, she never caught up on sleep after you were born. Help her get back to sleep with a premium membership to Rain Rain, an app with tons of rain and white noise sounds. This Moon Beam device also helps relax and fall into a good sleep.

Robe: The best part of any hotel getaway is curling up in those super plush robes. If I can’t bring my mom to the robe, I can bring the robe to her! LL Bean has really luxe robes, and Amazon has a wide selection as well.

Fish Bowl: Gifts don’t always have to be functional – they can be fun as well. This little fishbowl is super cute and would be a great addition to a mantle or desk!

Books: In my family, everyone is a reader – my grandma was an elementary school librarian, and even now she continues to read voraciously. Subscription boxes like the Literary Box from Quarterly are fun for readers – it will introduce them to new authors, and even provide fun insight into the novels and other bookish gifts inside.

April 26, 2017

holiday travel tips

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The holidays are stressful enough without throwing travel drama in, but more often than not, there’s some travel involved in getting to your destination. Thankfully, technology makes things a little easier now, whether it’s enabling faster phone calls to be made, or tapping in an alternate route in a GPS app. I’ve made heavy use of tons of travel tips both to make the trip easier as well as rerouting or rebooking when flights are delayed, so I’m sharing some ideas here as we get ready to head out for another round of holiday travel!

If your flight is delayed or cancelled due to weather, the airline won’t comp you a hotel room, but agents will have vouchers with specific discount codes for the airport hotels. It’s worth waiting in line to grab those, and the sheet will have all the steps to redeem the discount. (Pay attention to why your specific flight is canceled, and don’t assume that it’s based on weather – in my only canceled flight story, the agent rebooked me and tried to push me away with the discount code, but I had overheard that my flight was canceled due to mechanical issues. They bussed me out to a fancy five star golf resort, where my total bill for the day and a half was $14.53 for pizza that I had delivered – which I ate in the super luxe hotel robe.)

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December 22, 2016

my favorite holiday specials & where to stream them

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I’m not very particular about the seasonality of media – I’ll watch my favorite movies and specials when I want, and now, with the miracle of the internet, I don’t have to wait for the 25 Days of Christmas to hope that they’ll air my fringe-y holiday clips. Today, I thought I’d share some of my favorite holiday TV and movies!

Probably my favorite Christmas movie of all time is A Very Brady Christmas. I’m not joking – I get shit about this all the time, but in a very unironic way, it is one of my very favorite movies. It may be the warm childhood feelings I get from remembering the time I spent watching this at my grandmother’s, sprawled out on the floor in the living room or in my grandpa’s room, curled up in his recliner. The stressful suspense in Carol and Mike trying to surprise each other, the comedy in trying to find a spot for all the kids and their families to sleep, the suspense when Mike goes in to a falling building…

Plus, there’s a shot of Bobby Brady eating a lunch of Chinese food, a cheeseburger, a pop the size of my head, and basically everything that is great in this world. In that moment, he is truly my spirit animal. You can pop the popcorn and catch this bad boy in full over on Hulu.

As an unironic celebrator of Festivus, I would be remiss not to include the Seinfeld episode “The Strike.” Probably everyone has seen it, but it’s not December without hearing Frank Costanza bellow “I got a lot of problems with you people, and now, you’re gonna hear about it!” Seinfeld streams on Hulu.

Another of my favorites from back in the day is Christmas Eve on Sesame Street. I always really felt for Big Bird here – he just wants to validate what he has always believed after Oscar causes him to second guess. Plus, Mr. Hooper’s presence really just tugs at the heartstrings, and how can you beat Count, Bert, Ernie, and the others playing crack the whip on ice? Check it out on YouTube.

And no holiday season would be complete without A Muppet Family Christmas. The cameo by Jim Henson just a few years before his death is very sweet, and I love seeing the entire Muppet family together here on YouTube.

What are your favorite holiday specials? Do you watch them all year, or reserve them for the holiday season?

December 18, 2015

holiday gift guide: tech support

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We’re just a few weeks out from Christmas, and in the crunch for wrapping up the holiday shopping lists! If you’re feeling stuck on gift ideas, I’ve put together a week of ideas to help you get inspired! Today we’re shopping for tech support – every group has that one friend who is always being asked for help in setting up the group’s new phone or figuring out what’s gone wrong with the computer. I tend to be that friend, so I’m sharing a few ideas I think your friends would really appreciate!

One thing that I love and that every nerdy tech person appreciates is a good phone case. I tend more toward the cutesy, like my Sonix “Rose All Day” phone case, but utilitarian is good too – a Mophie case doubles their battery life, and a Lifeproof case lets them bring their phone beachside without worry.

On the same note of keeping your devices powered, a juice pack is one of the best investments I’ve ever made. recently released this I Am Very Busy powerbank, which can charge multiple devices at once.’s cheeky message is really great, too.

You can never have enough memory backup, and I love USB keychains. They’re much harder to lose when they’re attached to something you have to carry with you everywhere!

I’m notoriously bad at two things: remembering to get up and walk around, and getting out of bed. Clocky can help your techie with both of these problems: set alarms throughout the day, and they’ll have to chase down the alarm clock to turn it off and set it back in its proper place.

Even the nerdiest can have days where machines (or the humans piloting the machines) get the best of you. Offer your friends some stress relief with a Dammit Doll – half stress ball and half voodoo doll, this quirky dude will help your friend go to town on letting it all out, without hurting the gadgets!

Do you have any great gift ideas for your geeky friends, or are you in tech with your own wishlist? Let us know in the comments below!

December 9, 2015

holiday gift guide: who run the world?

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We’re just a few weeks out from Christmas, and in the crunch for wrapping up the holiday shopping lists! If you’re feeling stuck on gift ideas, I’ve put together a week of ideas to help you get inspired! Today we’re shopping for your lady friends – women are notoriously bad at “treat yo self” or splurging on something fancy or non-utilitarian. Here are some great ideas for anyone struggling for gift ideas!

I’ll caution my first suggestion by saying know your lady – if she’ll get offended or think you’re making a fat joke, steer clear of this. But something many of my lady friends (and I) appreciate is a cute, comfy yoga mat. A lot of them tend to be one or the other – scratchy and thin with a cute design, or thick and luxe but very plain. I recently treated myself to a (heavily discounted) Kess yoga mat from Amazon, and it’s not only cute, it’s so thick, and perfect for any girl who suffers through workouts on a thin mat.

McClary Brothers Drinking Vinegar might seem like another strange suggestion, but I’ve really been enjoying these lately. They taste good – way better than drinking straight Apple Cider Vinegar (one of those old wives tales that’s supposed to have great health benefits) They’re also really great mixers for cocktails, or just for sipping!

I don’t know any girl who doesn’t secretly want a Spirit Football Jersey, but they’re so expensive, it’s hard to justify (for me anyway.) Pick one with an inspirational saying, her favorite sport, or her hometown. They’re super comfy for lounging around the house, so she’ll really enjoy cozying up for lazy and cold winter days.

Adult coloring books are really en vogue right now, and rightfully so. My grandma got me some at Thanksgiving to help with my stress and anxiety, and it’s a great distraction when I need to get outside of my own head. Not only is it relaxing, it’s really fun!

And finally, one that’s on my personal list – the Blogilates fit planner. Not only is it super beautiful, I love the built in workout planners and food trackers, along with the inspirational tips. Cassey is one of my favorite fitness pros, and she’s done a lot of great things for making fitness accessible and affordable.

Do you have any great gift ideas for girls? Let us know in the comments below!

December 8, 2015