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Stay Beach Organized / hoboroll review

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The Hoboroll was designed by hikers for really outdoorsy types, which is great! Their experience has developed the perfect tote-along – I’ve even used it on race days before. Last year, they redesigned the bag and added a bunch of great new features, including changing the material to a much more lightweight and portable fabric. The Hoboroll now scrunches up into its own built-in pocket, which makes it great for travel – if you don’t need the extra organization on the way to your destination, it’s a great way to separate out your dirty laundry on the way home, or aide in fitting all your vacation purchases back into your bag. It’s small and lightweight, so it packs up nicely into a larger bag for travel, and the fabric dries quickly when wet (though it’s not completely waterproof.) They’ve also developed a padded shoulder strap, so it’s a totally hands-free pack now as well! Read more…

June 17, 2015

Faves Around the Web

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I shared some of my random favorites last week for #FavTotalSocial, but today I thought I’d share some of my fave things happening around the web. Great products, great blogs, great resources, and big dreams!

gobi gear hobo roll

GobiGear recently launched (and fully funded!) their Hobo Roll Kickstarter campaign. I’ve been totally intrigued by this product since I learned about it last fall because though it is primarily marketed toward outdoorsy camping types (which I am,) I also think it would be great for road dogs. Whenever I jump on the road for a few days, I get so disorganized so quickly (when we were up north, I literally could not find my running shorts for two days.) and Sixx, who is on tour full-time now, definitely needs to maximize organization. I’m very excited to review and check one of these out! Keep donating to the Kickstarter so they can add more great features, like shoulder straps!

NPR has been pushing out lots of interesting articles lately – many on stress (which are relevant to my interests) and HIV/AIDS. Their treatment of some of the AIDS coverage could be handled more delicately and less accusatory, but the Shots blog is a great place to lose some time right now.

I have been seriously, seriously considering buying an old Airstream or Avion trailer and living in it full time, so I’ve been reading a lot about the feasibility and cost of what that would mean, and god bless the internet for showing me that other people are out there doing it! Airstream Dreaming, Trailer Chic GirlsWhere Is Kyle Now, and even Tiny Little Teardrop have been great sources for research as I try to figure out if this is feasible.


And finally, TheSkimm. My girlfriend turned me on to this a few months ago and I’ve loved subscribing to it. It’s a newsletter that gets sent early in the morning, so you’re briefed on the important world events before you start your day. That way, if you get stuck next to your very worldly boss as you fuel up at the coffee maker, you can sound a little like you know what’s happening outside your world sphere.

July 21, 2014