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using Best Self Journal to reach your goals & giveaway

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Best Self Co. provided a sample for review and giveaway, but all opinions are my own.

If you’re like me, you have some big goals. Whether it’s running a marathon, going back to school, starting a company, or even starting a blog, it can be really hard and intimidating finding a way to make those dreams a reality. A few months ago, I discovered Best Self. Their planner/journal is created specifically to help users reach their dreams by breaking them down into smaller goals and actionable steps. That way, your big dreams feel more attainable (and you’ll be more likely to work toward them!) I thought I’d give a preview of what my Best Self journal looks like as well as a look at my routine and how I use it.

best self review

The package itself comes with the journal, as well as a pen loop and Wall Roadmap to mount so you can always keep your eyes on the prize. By putting your goals and steps up on your wall, preferably in a place where you see it most often, you’ll stay even more motivated to work hard every day. It’s dry erase, so you can even use it over and over.

Inside the journal, it’s packed with resources and advice on how to create goals. It can be harder than you think if you’ve never really set them before! You’ll learn about the 20-Mile March, and how Best Self’s 13-Week roadmap helps you achieve these goals. They’ll also point you to online resources for even more support, like a Facebook group of other users, and a guide on how to create good goals. In your journal, you’ll establish three main “result goals” which you’ll break down further. Best Self has you note the reasons that achieving these goals will improve your life, and you’ll also sign a commitment to achieve your goals. These are powerful psychological methods to motivate yourself.

The actual daily layouts are built to plan your day in a way that help you learn how to schedule your tasks in ways that work toward your goals. They also include places for morning and evening gratitudes. Practicing gratitude has many scientifically proven benefits, and it will put you in the right mindset to kill your goals. Sometimes it’s harder than others to find things to be grateful for, but if I can find six things every day, so can you. Even if it’s something as simple as the choice to take a shower every day (#RemoteWorkPerks.)

best self journal

Now that I’ve gotten into a routine after about a month of use, I’ve finally settled into a routine that works for me. I spend about thirty minutes a day with my journal. In the morning, I’ll wake up and write down my gratitudes. I’ll also write down my targets for the day. I’ve color coded each of my three result goals, so I try to have one target a day for each goal. At night, I reflect on the day, update my lessons learned and wins, and lay out my planned tasks and activities for the next day. That way, when I wake up, I don’t have to think – I’m already set up for success.

best self daily planner

During the day, I check off my progress, add things to my to-do list, and track my food (since that’s one of my action goals.) Tracking wins is fun too, and sometimes I run out of space. When you really focus on positivity and gratitude, you start to realize how great things are.

Since my goals are all color coded, that’s how I try to break down my day. You’ll see three to four colors (sometimes I’ll track work tasks in a fourth color here) in my daily spreads, and I try to add a reminder of what I’m working hard for in the My Goal section. Plus, one of my favorite parts of the journal are the inspirational quotes throughout. On each page, there’s a bit of inspiration and advice from people who are successful in their own rights. It’s helpful to have reminders on the bad days. Going forward, I’m also going to include a self-care line here. Planning in self-care is a great way to ensure that you’re going to do something for yourself every day.

best self weekly tracker

Best Self Co. was also generous enough to send over a journal for a giveaway, and I’m really excited to share this amazing productivity tool with you! Enter below, and share with us in the comments what your goals for the year are, or how you use your journal or planner.

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August 2, 2017

cotopaxi questival discount & giveaway

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This giveaway is presented in partnership with Cotopaxi!

It’s no secret that I love Chicago and one of my favorite things to do is explore. Whether it’s trying new restaurants, hiking a new trail, or hitting the newest fitness class, I love to check out new things. If I can combine that with fitness, even better! That’s why I was so excited to find the Cotopaxi Questival Adventure Race.

Different than a traditional 5k or running race, Questival lets you “spend 24 hours with your closest friends, in your favorite city, checking a bunch of amazing experiences off your bucket list?” Sounds pretty awesome, right?

Questival is a 24-hour adventure race that invites you to build friendships, push yourself, experience your surroundings, and have a whole bunch of fun. Your team of 2 to 6 people will do exciting, unpredictable, and downright good things you never thought possible. We guarantee it’ll be like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

Cotopaxi is bringing the Questival to Chicago from August 25-26, and I’m already recruiting my friends to head out with me. As I learned in a race a few weeks ago, I am a bit out of shape, but that’s no problem – Questival is accessible even for people who aren’t super athletic.

Not only does the entry fee include 24 hours of adventure, all participants also get Cotopaxi’s Luzon Del Dia Daypack. Every one of these bags are unique because they’re handmade by Cotopaxi employees who get to select each part of the bag (learn more about this in this video!)

I’ve been using it for about a month, and I’m absolutely loving it. It’s a great bag to wear when I head out to tour Chicago, packing up to organize a road trip with friends, or even piling my belongings into it to settle in for a long night at the rock show.

The bag features some really great details, including a Velcro key loop, adjustable straps, and a card holder inside the zipper pocket on the front of the bag. Since it’s built for a hydration bladder, I picked up this one on Amazon, and it’s worked great! If you’re an outdoorsy type or even someone who just carries a lot of stuff around, I highly recommend this bag. (Did I mention you get it for free if you do the Questival race?!)

This giveaway is over, but be sure to visit Cotopaxi and register for the Questival near you! Check back in a few months for a review and recap of the Chicago event.

July 17, 2017

music monday / cassette comeback edition and GIVEAWAY!

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music monday

Everything old comes back around, right? It’s true in fashion, and it’s been true in music – not only in style, but also in technology. Cassettes have been popping up at merch tables everywhere over the last few years, with some artists even releasing tape-only exclusives. Even older artists (like my favorites, the Promise Ring), have been re-releasing their catalogs, entire record labels that only release on cassette have popped up, and Cassette Store Day is even a “thing” now. Today I’m sharing not only my favorite tracks that can be played on a boombox, but I also have a great giveaway to share!

Charlie’s Mercantile is an online print shop geared toward puppers and the humans that love them (obviously, I fall into this segment) as well as housewarming prints, but shop owner Amy also offers a few music-related designs. Charlie’s Mercantile wants to inspire you to add some color to your home decor. Each print is inspired by the love of colors and simple shapes and designed in Durham, North Carolina. She sent along one for me to review, and one to give away!

I opted for the pink and green cassette tape patent print. The colors are playful and brighten up our gray walls, and the “let’s mix it up” text is really cute. It’s going to look great on the gallery wall.

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Be sure to follow Amy on Instagram for posts on new prints and designs and tons of cute dogs to brighten your day. Now, onto the jams and the giveaway!

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March 6, 2017

“I’m not fancy.”

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I did something scary, guys.

Well maybe “scary” is the wrong word – but definitely something I never really considered seriously doing until after it was done.

I did a vlog! It’s probably not terribly exciting or funny, but I showed off some new clothes and bathing suits and tease an upcoming giveaway!

I’m completely obsessed with watching haul videos or other kinds of vlogs so if you have a YouTube channel of them, link me!

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May 14, 2014

The Color Run / preview + discount

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580613_574873962566653_444842236_n1239746_549350495119000_562121640_nThe Color Run has been an extremely popular race series across the globe, expanding quickly over the last few years. But despite its popularity, I’ve never gotten to do one. What! This is the year that will change when I do the Richmond run this September.

If you’re unfamiliar with what The Color Run is, it’s a run series founded in January 2012 where participants run a 5k, going through four color stations and ending at a big finish party. Runners and walkers are both encouraged to participate wearing all white, untimed, and the company also partners with local non-profit groups to give back.

New to the event this year is the Kaleidoscope Tour:

We’re hitting your cities like never before… Amazing new participant gear (t-shirt, headband, wrist band and sling bag) , Fresh music, and Color crazy race attractions. This is 5K Magic like only The Color Run can do.

The participant gear (which you preview on their website) looks awesome.

In addition to giving me the opportunity to experience the Happiest 5k on the Planet, one lucky winner is also getting free entry into The Color Run. The giveaway runs from May 12-16 and winner will be announced via Twitter and have 24 hours to respond!

bloggers_save5 (3)

If you don’t want to wait to see if you win, you can register now! Use the promo code COLOR5OFF to get $5 off a registration to ANY city that isn’t sold out. Important: code must be entered at time of registration, cannot be retro-applied. Not valid with other discounts or promotions. Click here to register!

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Disclaimer: I was provided one free entry to The Color Run for myself and one to give away to a reader.

May 12, 2014