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7 companies hiring work from home employees right now

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7 companies hiring work from home employees

Happy Cinco de Mayo! There are a wide variety of job types that can be done remotely, and lots of companies are hiring work from home employees! It’s not just for web developers and designers anymore – there are positions in every industry, including marketing and content writing, customer service and tech support, and even human resources. Here are seven positions you can apply to now – some of them even without any experience on your resume yet!

Customer Support Specialist at Formstack: Customer service can be one of the easiest ways to move into a remote position, if you’re not technically inclined. This position with Formstack will let you work with customers and start building your technical skills, like troubleshooting and hosting webinars!

Customer Experience at HotelTonight: HotelTonight is a great resource for budget travelers, and I’ve personally used it a few times in my life. They hire remote customer service agents from specific states – currently Tennessee, Texas, Florid and Oregon – with different multilingual skills. (And if you need to grab a hotel, use my discount code DESIR2 for $20 off!)

Search Wrangler at Automattic: Automattic are the people who power WordPress and some of the most popular plugins: Jetpack and Woocommerce, for example. The Search Wrangler will use systems to connect related content so readers are finding the most relevant posts for whatever they’re reading. Automattic has week-long meetups each year, so their worldwide workforce can connect and build relationships to brainstorm new projects. See all available positions here!

Sales Representatives at HSN: Oh, how my family would love for someone to work in this position. HSN’s phone representatives work from home, so in addition to a computer and high-speed internet, you’ll need a landline as well. They’ve also recently moved their customer service department from Florida to Ohio, so you’ll need to live in a few specific counties in mid-Ohio – it’s an area I know well, though, and really love!

Growth Product Manager at Zapier: If you’re into setting and achieving business goals and helping people automate tasks, this role could be for you. Zapier is a service that lets people automate tasks between many different Saas programs (with more being added every day.) For this role, they’re looking for a tech-minded team player so if that’s you, apply today! Zapier seems like a really great company, and they have other positions open as well.

Production Services Systems Engineer at Basecamp: Basecamp is one of my favorite tools for remote work, so of course their team is distributed. They’re hiring two new team members for their Operations department for developers with lots of experience working with cloud-based applications.

Contract Technical Recruiter at GitHub: GitHub is built for coding, but it’s not just made up of developers. Right now, there are several HR positions open, like this remote Sourcer position. They’ll attract and recruit new staffers for the entire organization. It’s not just their HR team that’s hiring – their support, marketing, and engineering departments are looking as well!

I’m going to make this a monthly series here on the blog, and I send out even more jobs to my mailing list subscribers (not to mention the fun freebies I’m working on.) Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out!

May 5, 2017

where to find remote jobs to work from home

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Digital nomad, work from homer, distributed team – there are many ways to label virtual companies, or a company that doesn’t feature one physical office. I work remotely, and it doesn’t escape me every day how lucky I am. No commute to work or worrying about weather, no layering up for a frigid office even in the summer months, no one to steal your lunch out of the community fridge. Plus I really love my job! Virtual companies are becoming more popular than ever, and for people who want the benefit of a home office without the stresses of being their own boss, it’s important to know how to navigate these sites! By virtue of having a remote job already, I’ve become pretty familiar as to where they get posted, and what to look out for to know you’re looking at a legitimate, reputable company. Today I’m sharing some of the tips I’ve given my friends when they’re on the hunt for remote jobs!

Direct company websites: As with traditional jobs, every remote company will post their openings on their own website first. If there’s a specific company you have your eye on, check in with their jobs page occasionally, and sign up if they have a newsletter they announce postings to. Eventbrite is a good example of a company that features this! This helps to make sure you’re on a legit website and gives the benefit of applying directly without any third party application or the possibility of a trimmed job description. Some companies that hire remote workers include Basecamp, Amazon, Museum Hack, and even Teach for America!

Jobspresso: This is my favorite remote job aggregator, and the place I have all my remote-seeking friends start. They have a great interface, easy search tools, and put the job title as well as the company on the front page. Jobspresso also features easy categories, so you can browse through the job types you’re looking for in one click. They tend to get more customer service and marketing/content jobs than other websites mentioned here.

WeWorkRemotely: Not the prettiest of the sites I’m outlining, but super high quality jobs posted here, and it’s affiliated with Basecamp. This also means that they’re updated a bit more infrequently and don’t have quite as many positions as the other sites, but they’re highly vetted and of good quality.

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April 14, 2017