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monthly roundup no. 8: may 2018

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May is over, and it felt like finally, knock on wood, I got a reprieve from some of the stuff that’s gone on this year. Between mourning my grandma, my mom’s cancer diagnosis, and some other personal stress, nothing truly remarkable happened! I went to LA for work, went out to Navy Pier to see some Nashville friends play, and even got to make it to a Cory Branan show. The older I get, the more I start to really enjoy May – it’s usually when I spend a lot of time planning out my summer, and just like last year, I’m so excited to be spending it in Chicago. It’s the king of street festivals and I love that there are so many fun, free ways to see the city!

This month my saved links echoed the theme of something I’ve been focusing on in therapy – you don’t have to carry around everyone’s crap, and you don’t even have to carry around your own crap.

The Cost of Losing Your Keys: Okay, this first one is less in the “theme” of the others, but I’m so proud of it – I’M FINALLY PUBLISHED ON THE BILLFOLD! It’s been my favorite blog for years (the only one that I can remember reading in every city I’ve lived in) and I would be lying if I didn’t think it was super cool that I’m published on the same site as Taylor Jenkins Reid now. Last summer I lost my house keys… and let’s just say, it’s cost a lot more than I would have thought it could. (My roommate would like to update the total with an additional $50 from when she locked herself out of the apartment and had to take a Lyft out to pick up our spares from my boyfriend.) Anyway, it’s been my goal to write for The Billfold for a really long time, and I’m so happy to have finally done it.

9 Simple Ways to Start Living a More Minimal Lifestyle: Apartment Therapy has been my guilty mindless blog lately, and the articles are really helping me purge things I don’t need anymore but have struggled to part with. 8 and 9 in this list have been key to me while trying to clear out my closets. Their Weekend Project series is super fun too – every now and then if I’m just sitting at home not doing anything, I’ll take a look to see if there’s something I can quickly knock out.

If It Ain’t Yours, Don’t Carry It: Marisa Mohi is a friend-of-a-friend I’ve linked to before, and if you’re a writer, I definitely suggest adding her blog and YouTube channel to your regular reads. This post helps to simplify a pretty easy concept – you don’t have to carry the burdens of others – and it’s just something that I needed to hear at just the right time.

On Weight: I know Malory through the same grapevine I know Marisa from, and her food podcast is really great (if you’re in the Oklahoma City area and need food recommendations, OKC OVER EASY is where to look!) I’ve struggled with my weight for basically my whole life except the two years I was running super regularly. In this post, Malory says weight is stress I carry around on my body. I identify with this in a brutally familiar way, and part of losing weight for me is shedding the memory that a lot of the weight carries.

How to Stop Letting Your Anxiety Make Decisions for You: I’m getting much better about this, but I definitely admit that it hasn’t always been easy and I haven’t always excelled. Most of the time, whatever anxiety I feel isn’t even about the thing I’m feeling it toward, so really trying to figure out what’s actually going on has been key in starting to deal with this more effectively.

What are you reading this month? Any particular projects you’re working on to get summer ready?

May 29, 2018

why creativemarket is the best resource for bloggers and businesses

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creative market

I’ve shared plenty of resources before on where you can find free stock photos for your blog or business – you can even get a spreadsheet by signing up for the email list! If you’re a blogger or business owner, sometimes it’s easier to create your own graphics than contracting out. There are tons of resources that make this easier than ever (like Canva). My favorite resource for building a graphic assets library is CreativeMarket.

CreativeMarket has HUNDREDS of fonts, website themes, social media templates, and anything else you need to create beautiful graphics. Best of all, every Monday they provide six freebies you can download. Some of the freebies I’ve gotten include fonts, stock photos, and even WordPress themes!

Though this post does contain affiliate links, it’s not sponsored – I just see a lot of benefit in CreativeMarket, and hope to help others with the same design needs!

creative market for bloggers

There are a lot of things to love about CreativeMarket, but these are a few of my favorites.

  • The best feature is that they store all your purchases, including freebie downloads. You can access any of your assets at any time to download them to a different computer, or just remember what the name of that one specific font is. (I use it for this more often than I’d like to admit!)
  • Since CreativeMarket keeps a record of your downloads, they also notify you when an updated version is available. Sometimes fonts get updated, graphics have spelling corrections, or stock photo packs get new photos added (yay!) Keeping your assets up to date by downloading each ensures that they’ll keep working with tech updates as well.
  • They also offer an option to sync purchases (and freebies) to Dropbox. This is great if you store your design assets in the cloud -I recommend this because I’ve lost assets before, or needed to access something on a different computer. Now, I have a pCloud account dedicated specifically to graphic design assets so I’ll never lose anything!
  • The bundles many shops offer are a great deal too. You can get entire packs of fonts or marketing mockups to get everything you need for your brand’s graphics in one pack. Bundles are also often discounted massively (think 100 fonts for less than $20!)
  • Tons of fonts from handwritten script to straight-laced sans serifs mean there’s more than one you’ll love. (I’ve more than doubled my font library since discovering CreativeMarket. Whoops.)
  • If you’re working on a client presentation, you might get bored of the same old Powerpoint looks but not have the drive to make your own. CreativeMarket also features Powerpoint templates so your clients aren’t looking at the same slides over and over.
  • It’s also easy to purchase additional licenses. Most products come with a base standard license, but if you need a corporate license or more than one, it’s easy to add on.
  • Every category has a variety of styles to fit your brand. Whether your content is feminine, artsy, “loud,” summery, or anything else, there are assets that will match!
  • Being able to download full social media packs makes it easy to bring a cohesive look to your blog without having to create your own templates. This saves time not only in creating your own but in getting your images completed and ready to post without too much work!
  • Less common design needs are also explored here. I’ve seen invitations and save the date cards, resumes and business cards, and even infographic templates and product mockups on CreativeMarket.
  • Having access to products created by the same maker ensures consistent branding across your marketing platforms. It helps to create brand recognition in the reader’s mind!

A few of my favorite products:

Do you use CreativeMarket? What are your favorite products?

June 21, 2017

tools to use to excel in a remote job

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This post contains affiliate links.

Working from home has been growing in popularity – whether it’s owning your own business, freelancing, or contracting for a larger company, there are many ways you can start working from home. No more commute, no freezing office, and no annoying cubicle neighbors – sounds awesome, right? While it is really great, it’s not always as easy as it sounds, and these kinds of jobs are competitive. Today I’m sharing some of the most popularly used tools at a lot of virtual companies! The exact programs and apps you might use in yours can differ based on your company and position, but this is a good start on tools to start using that you could see in your position.

If you have a moment before diving in, please take a minute to fill out my reader survey!

Slack: There are a few team communication tools out there, but Slack is by far the most popular. It’s super comprehensive – not only is it built for instant messaging, they also recently introduced a built-in voice call integration, and you can even upload and share files. Lots of other programs have apps that can be installed (even Giphy!) so you can do things like search for travel with Hipmunk, get calendar reminders, and even use Stop. Breathe. Think. to meditate. This is probably one of the most important tools to have on your resume – and it’s super simple to use. Though Slack isn’t a remote company, they do have a job search site for companies that use Slack, and you can search for remote opportunities with Slack At Work!

Basecamp/Asana: Project management software can make your work life so much easier. Basecamp and Asana both make communication among teams easier with different project “boards” for various products, allowing you to set to-dos, timelines, and even more. I’ve used both Asana and Basecamp, and I prefer Basecamp more. (They’re also a virtual company, so watch for opportunities with them once you’ve gotten comfortable!) They also have free classes every week to help you learn and use Basecamp super effectively.  You can use my referral link as well to save on your Basecamp account.

If you want to learn these programs better or try out classes in hundreds of other subjects, join me on Udemy!

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April 21, 2017

My Favorite Fonts

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For a designer, there are few things as truly traumatic when leaving a job as leaving behind your carefully curated collection of fonts. As I’m spending time cleaning off my computer and making a list of the great ones I’ve found since I got here, I thought I’d share some of my faves!

fav fonts

Raleway / california harvest
Dolce Vita / Market Deco
Mermaid / Sacramento
Antrokasdemo / Nouvelle Vague
Baron Neue / Remachine Script
Rosewood STD / Southern Aire
English Essay / Mouse Deco
Governor / Alley Cat

July 23, 2014