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july recap & august goals

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Wow. After June, I definitely thought my summer was going to take a lull – no trips planned for July, just focusing on packing and moving. Funny how things always seem to pop up! Let’s take a look at this awesome month:

IMG_2745I celebrated the holiday with my co-workers. After working a shift and managing to escape to reach a different party, I almost immediately turned back around. I’ve spent all of my Nashville holidays on the same patio there – but with a view like this, can you really blame me?

IMG_2756This was the fourth anniversary of the shooting, and since I recently marathoned Parks & Recreation, I declared it #TreatYoSelf2015! I spent the majority of the day poolside at one of my favorite Nashville spots with a friend before going shopping and then catching a show.

IMG_2754In a moment that could only happen in Nashville, I got to see one of my favorite writers play a free festival… capped by a middle-of-the-night (not so) secret Counting Crows performance. Outlaw Roadshow was truly one of the best days I’ve spent in Nashville, and I was just a beat away from booking a flight to catch the festival in New York in October… because who wouldn’t want to be an outlaw?

IMG_2750I went to the Nashville Zoo for the first time, and made friends with this little babe! She really got hold of my shoe thinking it looked like a tasty snack for her.

IMG_2752Then, as I recapped – we went waterfall hiking to celebrate my Nashversary. It was a super relaxing day down at Greeter Falls. As much as I love the city, it’s nice sometimes to escape and get back to my roots.  Read more…

August 1, 2015

constructive summer / out and about

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Do you ever feel like you have those weekends that are so packed of life and activities, you can hardly believe it lasted only 48 hours? That’s what my whole month is shaping up to look like, and I could not be happier. From a quick Ohio getaway, to a surprise visit from a college friend, the first week of June is proving to be setting a great tone for the summer!

I popped up to Cincinnati for a quick getaway to hide away from the city for a few days to try to get some work done, and had a great few days with my family. Between soccer scrimmages, softball practices, and afternoon massages, we always pack a ton in. In the midst of finding a new place in Nashville, I had a panic attack and looked at places in Cincinnati out of frustration, and every time I visit, I think more and more about moving there.

That trip was supposed to be much longer, but last Monday, one of my best friends from college texted me to let me know she was coming to Nashville to surprise someone at their bachelorette party! I haven’t seen her since graduation in 2011, so I came back to town early to see her. I picked her up from the airport and we spent the day together, including a mini-reunion with a bunch of other college friends as well for a night of margaritas and karaoke!




Friday night, I managed to score tickets for the Brantley Gilbert and Lynyrd Skynyrd taping of Crossroads for CMT. I’m not a huge fan of either artist, but it was a really great time, and I hope to make it to even more of these special events in the future. Every time I consider leaving Nashville, these opportunities come up that I would never get to have in another city, and it makes it so hard to consider leaving.




Saturday night I worked a double show, and relaxed after such a busy week in my great new BANGS Shoes with this view of the city. Summer is so good to me.


Finally, I spent Sunday afternoon poolside at one of the greatest Nashille hangs, Pinewood Social, for cocktails before my friend left for the airport again. There is just something about umbrella drinks and retro decor that makes me feel home.


How was your weekend?

I was provided a complimentary product for review from Bangs Shoes, but all opinions are my own.

June 8, 2015

she likes hair bands / butch walker music monday

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Last night I got to continue my tour de rock gods with Butch Walker at War Memorial Auditorium here in Nashville. I’ve been a huge fan of Butch since college, but I’ve never gotten to see him live before. If you don’t think you’ve heard Butch’s work, you probably have – he’s produced some of the biggest pop & top 40 songs and albums in the past few years, including Taylor Swift’s Red, Pink’s The Truth About Love, Fun House, and I’m Not Dead, plus Fall Out Boy’s Save Rock and Roll). When he announced his tour in February and I saw that he was playing at my favorite venue here, my girlfriend and I almost fell over ourselves scrambling to buy tickets. We got there and met up with another of my friends who was right by the stage, and I could not have asked for a better first time to see him. It was a really special evening – Butch has dedicated this tour to his father who passed a few years ago, so it was an emotional and cathartic evening for me.


Sober sooner or later, we gotta stop this elevator. you go your way and I’ll go mine, I’m sure that I’ll be fine now is it me, or is this over? as I got sober, I watched you fade away. is it me, or is this ending? as I was pretending, I watched you fade away.

Here Comes The… (with Pink) here comes the heartache, the move out day, excuses for my friends. here comes the reasons I have to justify it was better in the end. here come the last time I’m gonna kiss you and the first night eating alone, here comes the hardest thing we’ve ever known.

She Likes Hair Bands throw away your phone and your inhibitions too, there’s a hundred dirty things that I want to say to you. never let me come and never let me go, I’ve got you where I want you

Afraid of Ghosts I try to go to the hospice every Friday, sit in traffic thicker than my blood, try to know a man that I never really knew and swim away from a forty year flood

Going Back/Going Home cut to a life being born in ’69, low class suburb, everything’s fine. fondue parties, my mom and my dad’s drinks being drunk and fights being had. I lost my virginity to a girl in my band, she was four years older, she made me a man. so addicted to sex every chance that I got with whoever I wanted until I got caught so I took my penicillin and I took my band to a town made of glitter girls and cocaine friends. got handed the dream by the age of eighteen saw more than most people than I know had ever seen. played every bar, drank ’til black and blue, did the morning show bullshit and went to China too where they left us to die, without a ticket to flee. inciting a riot, we were only 23. packed it up, started over just as fast as we can, selling tapes, making merch in the back of a van living hand-to-mouth for the next five years. took up drinking wine, gave up drinking beer. signed another big deal with a devil in a dress, a ‘one hit wonder’ I think, describes it best. decided to burn out, then to fade away, went back to the van the very next day. picked it up, made a living without any help. made amazing friends, if I saw so myself. if living like this at thirty-eight is a bore, then c’mon God, please give me thirty-eight more.

What’s the best show you’ve seen lately?

May 18, 2015

the rescue blues: ryan adams / tune tuesday

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Last night was another one of the greatest musical moments of my life – I’ve been lucky to have a lot of those lately! In January, Ryan Adams announced two nights at the Ryman, and I HAD to go. Without thinking and $50 later, I was the lucky owner of a ticket to one of the most popular shows that will come to Nashville probably for the entire time I’ll live here. I have seen him previously (in 2012 at the Ann Arbor Folk Festival, which is still one of the best bills I’ve ever seen) but I wasn’t as into him as I am now. To get to see him at the Ryman was super special, and I’ve been excited for months. A friend and I spent the day texting each other our dream setlist (which ended up being most of his catalog) and the show was even more than I could have hoped for or expected when he brought Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires out for a few songs. Since I’m still coming down from the show, today’s Tune Tuesday is all about the man!

The Rescue Blues: everybody wants to see you fall, that’s why they always love to get you high / and everybody knows you need the pain so much, lady / well, keep in touch, baby

Oh My God, Whatever, Etc: if I could I’d fold myself away like a card table / a concertina or a murphy bed, I would but I wasn’t made that way so you know instead / I’m open all night and the customers come to stay and everyone tips but not enough to knock me over and “I’m so tired,” I just worked two shifts

Do I Wait: do I want to say the things that I say when I know that they are wrong? / do I wait here forever for you? could you ask me to? / do you watch me from the corner of your eye? do we say goodbye?

Stay With Me: I love you baby, just treat me right / hold me closer in the middle of the night / I love you girl, and it’s alright / stay with me, stay with me

April 28, 2015

Monday Morning You Sure Look Fine: Mac Attack Monday!

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Living in Nashville and working at a venue, I’ve gotten to see a lot of my bucket list bands. Three nights of Jason Isbell: check. Chris Carrabba opening for my new favorite singer-songwriter in a 200-person room: check. I could go on and on about how lucky I am. But over the weekend I made kind of a last minute decision and headed back to my old venue in Charlottesville to see my ultimate bucket list band: Fleetwood Mac. I’ve never seen them and had resigned myself to accept that I wouldn’t ever see them – tickets are expensive, and I didn’t really want to see them without Christine. So I decided to try to catch them in the venue that really helped me grow up (and where I have such great memories of listening to Rumours during some pretty stressful things going on.) Plus getting to surprise my old staff, eat Bodo’s Bagels, and see my best friend didn’t hurt either, and I made an 8 hour drive on Saturday and was almost jumping out of my body with excitement.

Chrstine sounded amazing, and Stevie is of course a queen. Lindsey Buckingham is a god, I really had no idea just how good he would be. And watching Mick play drums – I just wish I had half the passion for something that he does for those drums. They sounded tight and played for about three hours. I danced, I cried, I sang my heart out, and posted way too many Snapchat videos.

I had such a great time at the show that I’m considering dropping coin to see Fleetwood Mac play in Nashville later this week. Now if only I can time travel to 1966 to catch the Beach Boys on the Pet Sounds tour to check another off the list…

Who is your bucket list band? Have you gotten to see them live?

March 16, 2015