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banned coffee review & discount code

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I received a sample from Banned Coffee to review. All opinions are my own.

banned coffee discount code

It shouldn’t be a surprise by now that Dani and I love coffee.

Banned Coffee touts itself as the world’s strongest, most delicious coffee. It features more than three times the amount of caffeine of an energy drink (plus a lot less sugar.) I’m here for anything that will wake me up and cut out sugar. Banned Coffee sent us two different kinds to try: both the regular bean blend as well as the pumpkin spice flavored coffee.

Because of the super high caffeine content, I steeled myself for a rough ride and something really acidic. The first time I tried the regular roast was in a mason jar French press-type so I could test it out, and brewed it like a regular cup. I was shocked at how smooth it was. It doesn’t taste any different from any other coffees – it just wakes you up a bit more! They also have a ground variety, if you’re lazy (like me) and don’t like to DIY the grinding portion.

Banned Coffee also sent along the pumpkin spice blend to try. I love all pumpkin spice everything, all year long (seriously, I make these muffins even in the middle of summer.) It comes ground, and smells just like a pumpkin pie. I liked it just as much as the original roast – just as smooth – and with some half and half or creamer, it’s even better. I can’t wait to use this to DIY some pumpkin lattes!

love this coffee. Personally, I can’t testify to the caffeine levels (I never feel a perk from any sort of caffeine, and never have) but it’s so tasty. I also like that their website has a breakdown of the cost per cup, so you can really see what a great value it is.Both the pumpkin spice coffee and the original blend are Banned Coffee is super smooth so if you’re susceptible to heartburn, this is a great coffee to keep in your cabinet – and best of all, they feature a subscription service you can set the timing for, so you’ll never run out.

If you love coffee, I definitely recommend checking out Banned Coffee! Use coupon code BCDRA20POFF for 20% off!

June 23, 2017

treat yo’ self with bloomsybox!

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There are all kinds of subscription boxes out there: beauty, style, coffee, wine, books – you name it, there’s a subscription box for it. Now that it’s spring, I found the perfect treat yo’ self box. Every month (or week, if you want), BloomsyBox will send a fresh hand-tied bouquet to brighten up your house! There’s something about having flowers in my house that makes me feel really fancy, and I love the way they freshen the sometimes stale air in our apartment.

BloomsyBox handpicks their flowers and bouquets, curated based on the season. They work with sustainable farms to pick their flowers fresh and ship them quickly – this also helps ensure that you get the maximum enjoyment out of your blooms. Direct shipping also means that you’ll get higher quality flowers at a much lower cost than in a floral shop or grocery store! Single-varietal deliveries also mean that there’s no filler, creating a sleeker look in your vase (which I love.) They’re so passionate about your satisfaction that they offer a 100% money back guarantee, and I saw many examples on Instagram of happy subscribers who had certain shipments replaced for whatever reason.

The flowers are secured solidly in the box and hand tied, which is a nice extra touch of luxury. Included in the box are instructions on how to care for the flowers to ensure they last as long as possible. BloomsyBox sent me a beautiful bouquet of white roses, which I excitedly began arranging. In addition to the flower care tips, they include the flower food sachet as well.

I love to have flowers on my nightstand or at the foot of my bed – there’s just something about waking up and laying your eyes on the colorful blooms and breathing in the soft scent that starts your day off right. There are so many ways to use flowers to brighten up your home, though!

Somewhere I’ve never really considered putting them is in my bathroom. I have a window with a nice ledge there, and it may be one of the only spots in the house that gets any direct light. The vase is nicely framed there – plus the roses giving off such a pretty smell in the bathroom doesn’t hurt either!


They also look really great as part of our gallery wall – flowers can be artwork too!

You could even think outside the box and use the flowers for craftier projects, like flower wreaths or dried bouquets. BloomsyBox would make a great monthly gift for yourself, or for anyone else in your life who could use a little sunshine this spring (or all year long)!

Are you a flower addict like me? What’s your favorite flower?

I was provided a complimentary product from BloomsyBox to review, but all opinions are my own, and no compensation was received.
April 5, 2017

Superfithero Review: Perfect Pocket Capris!

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One of the most fun parts of working out, if I’m being honest, is getting new outfits and finding gear that’s as functional as it is cute. I’ve gained a little weight back since I initially started working out a few years ago, and my workout wardrobe (especially my bottoms) was in need of a SERIOUS overhaul. When I saw Superfithero, I fell in love – a body positive, feminist clothing line with super technical fabric and useful details? Sign me up.

Founder Micki Krimmel sent me a pair of their newly launched pocket capris (with neon racing stripe details!), and I took them out for a few different workouts! I’m really into high-waisted bottoms, and it’s important to me that they stay put. These capris didn’t budge during a run or yoga session, and I even did a few squat tests – I felt supported and held in, and most of all, very comfortable.

These capris feature pockets on both sides, and they’re both big enough for a phone case, a small card wallet, or even a key. The left side of them have some racing stripe details which continue down the pocket too – no skimping on quality there. The four-way stretch moved with my body and didn’t feel tight or pinchy at all. The fabric is really high quality and fast-wicking, too! In fact, they were so fast to dry I ended up wearing them for most of the day following my workout while I cleaned and organized the new apartment.

Superfithero carries shirts sizes XS-4XL, bottoms from XS-4XL (sizes 2-28,) and accessories like this vagina pin and masked headband in addition to Feminist mens shirts. I ordered an XL and was a bit weary that I should have gone bigger, but they fit great, so they run true to size (and their testimonials page echoes the same feedback!)

What are your most important qualities in workout pants?

January 27, 2017

Stay Beach Organized / hoboroll review

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The Hoboroll was designed by hikers for really outdoorsy types, which is great! Their experience has developed the perfect tote-along – I’ve even used it on race days before. Last year, they redesigned the bag and added a bunch of great new features, including changing the material to a much more lightweight and portable fabric. The Hoboroll now scrunches up into its own built-in pocket, which makes it great for travel – if you don’t need the extra organization on the way to your destination, it’s a great way to separate out your dirty laundry on the way home, or aide in fitting all your vacation purchases back into your bag. It’s small and lightweight, so it packs up nicely into a larger bag for travel, and the fabric dries quickly when wet (though it’s not completely waterproof.) They’ve also developed a padded shoulder strap, so it’s a totally hands-free pack now as well! Read more…

June 17, 2015

Boohoo Christmas Sweater Review

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I have looked for years to find the perfect Christmas sweater. In college, when I had ugly sweater parties every weekend, I would scour Goodwill to find something that would pass: anything not falling apart or dirty beyond saving, something that would fit my plus size bod, and maybe most importantly and hardest to fulfill: the elusive “ugly cute.” Once I moved beyond the ug-session,  I looked for classy and classic tops for family parties (which was a little laughable – my family does dressed down everything, so I usually ended up in a t-shirt and cardigan or sweatshirt and called it a day.)

Now, the Christmas parties are back, but I don’t want to be in anything ugly, scratchy, or otherwise uncomfortable that I might find at a thrift shop just so I could say I fit with the theme. Enter They have fantastic holiday sweaters that fit a range of personalities: from the classy fair isle-style Reindeer sweater (or jumper – they are British!) to the cute and sassy “Merry Christmas ya filthy animal” off-shoulder top to something a little more stereotypically “ugly”, I knew I would definitely find something perfect for me at Boohoo. And the jackpot I did find with this baby:


Santa’s Favourite Blonde.” Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I LOVE being blonde (in fact, it’s the first thing listed in my bio here!) I knew that this was THE sweater for me – plus, it will double as a great shirt to wear to Santa’s Pub here in Nashville all year!

Shipping was fast, and the quality of the shirt is great. After one wash, the “itchy” feeling went away, and it didn’t seem to shrink at all. (I will note that when I received the sweater, there was a loose thread coming at the shoulder where the arm meets the body of the sweater, but it doesn’t seem to be budging at all. I’m going to just trim it down.)

The best part about Boohoo is that they also offer many of their awesome styles in PLUS SIZE as well. I’m finding this to be more and more common from British based sites vs. American stores. They had so many great designs and sayings, I really had trouble picking just one! I’m really happy with the quality and speed of the order, and will definitely add them to my online shopping list of favorites.

What is your favorite sweater over on Boohoo? What is your “Christmas sweater style”?

December 8, 2014