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music monday: record store day ready

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music monday

Record Store Day is one of the most wonderful times of the year for music fans – it’s a time to line up outside your favorite store and hope you’ll get to pounce on all the limited releases and deluxe editions the retailers are sent. I’ve had some remarkable Record Store Days, from the time I got a black eye in competition for a Dave Matthews Band release (I wish I was kidding) to the time I got my favorite Hold Steady record on vinyl. It’s a day that’s always been close to my heart because in college I got to sit in on a few roundtables about planning the next year’s national event, which was really cool. The 2017 edition is this Saturday, so download your list, get ready to line up, head to the store, and be sure to check out the bands that are playing! These are the bands with releases this year I’m excited to check out. If you have a minute before diving in to the jams, please take my reader survey!

Mayer Hawthorne, Someone Like You

Jason Isbell & the 400 UnitHope the High Road

Sunny Day Real EstateRain Song


Goo Goo Dolls‘Cuz You’re Gone

Are you a vinyl fan? What releases are you excited for this year?

April 17, 2017

music monday: festival season prep

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music monday

It’s April, so that means festival season is right around the corner! Every festival tries to outdo their previous lineup, have the biggest names, and break the next big thing. Without meaning to, this post heavily focuses on badass ladies of Nashville – which is definitely another subject to check out in the future! For today, here are a few great artists you can check out at fests across the country over the next few months.

What’s your favorite festival? Have you discovered any new faves lately?

April 10, 2017

music monday: spring cleaning

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music monday

It’s spring cleaning time! We’ve had a few above-60 degree days in Chicago, which always gives me the urge to open my windows, fill the house with flowers, and start dusting down everything. I like to make a fun playlist to jam along to as I move from room to room. This year, I also made a list of my often-forgotten cleaning tricks so I can print it off and check the boxes along the way so nothing gets overlooked. Maybe they’re things you forget as well so print off your list, hit play, and clean away!

  • Throw the kitchen sink strainer in the dishwasher
  • Dust your baseboards
  • Mop/Swiffer your bathroom floors
  • Run baking soda volcanos in your drains
  • Clean out your closet – get rid of things you don’t wear, clean up the corners or shelves that are housing things you’ve tossed around
  • Clean your glasses with spray or wipes
  • Wash your walls (and listen to My Favorite Murder while you do it)
  • Flip your mattress
  • Wash any rugs that can be washed
  • Switch your linens
  • Rotate your summer/winter stuff out of your closet and dressers
  • Dust ceiling fans

Any spring cleaning tasks you always forget? Let us know in the comments (because I’m probably forgetting it too!)

March 27, 2017

music monday: spring awakening

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music monday

Daylight Savings Time at the end of winter just kills me. Not only losing an hour of sleep on the time change, but also the shifting daylight – yes, it’s nicer that the sun is out longer in the day, but just when I’ve gotten used to getting up with the sun, it’s taken away from me. On this music Monday, I’m sharing my favorite springtime songs to get us back in the rhythm!

Bruce CockburnWondering Where the Lions Are (This song plays during a November episode of ER, but it’s always felt so springy to me.)

Handsome GhostSteps

Aesop RockDaylight

Shawn McDonaldTake My Hand

Beach FossilsThis Year

Do you have a springtime playlist? Share it with us in the comments!
March 20, 2017

music monday: st. patrick’s day

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music monday

It’s St. Patrick’s Day this Friday, and here in Chicago, the celebrations began this weekend. I can’t really tell if there’s a large Irish population here, or if it’s just an excuse to dye the river green and drink an obscene amount. At any rate, I’m excited for my first Chicago March, and I’m sharing some Irish or St. Patrick’s day tracks I’ll be jamming this week to get ready!

John Mayer, St. Patrick’s Day

Dropkick Murphys, Kiss Me I’m #$@#faced

Flogging Molly, If I Ever Leave This World Alive

Enter the Haggis, Bagpipes on Mars

March 13, 2017