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remote jobs for introverts

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Introverts aren’t “shy,” which is a common misperception. It also doesn’t necessarily mean that someone doesn’t like to be around people, or that we’re antisocial. But that image has been so ingrained and associated with the introvert personality that it’s hard to overcome now, and trying to find jobs or work environments or jobs that will suit your work personality – but also leave you with some energy at the end of the day for your own projects or activities.

Working remotely has been a game changer for me, and for many others in the I-personality types, HSPs, or other general introverted personalities.

I’m not going to pretend that “become a blogger!” or “just become a writer” are viable money-making options for most workers. You have to be amazingly lucky to become a millionaire blogger, and a lot of things have to go right (and a lot of time needs to be spent) to refine writing skills.

Freelancing isn’t a great option either – many introverts can be risk-averse and the idea of constantly pitching, looking for the next job, and long wait times to get payment (plus the labor of chasing down the check) make it less than desirable way to make a living.

Working remotely isn’t for everyone, though – you have to have high standards for yourself, create your own office setting, and keep yourself accountable. But it also means there can be fewer interpersonal distractions, which makes it really desirable for introverts. If you’re stuck feeling like you’ll never be as successful at work as you want to be because your environment isn’t conducive to producing your best work, consider looking to transition into roles like these – many of which don’t require a special certification, or can be self-taught with online resources. Here are a few titles to look for, and some companies that are hiring now!

UX Designer: One of the best industries for empaths and introverts is UI/UX design. We can often put ourselves in the shoes of other people easily, often to our own detriment, but it can pay off when sketching out user stories or customer personas. These positions blend technical concepts with layouts and human behavior, which often pay off when combined with introvert tendencies.
Currently hiring: UI/UX Designer at TwentyOverTen.

Customer Support: It might sound counterintuitive that customer service is good for introverts, but when support is offered through email and live chat portals rather than phones or in-person interaction, much of the pressure is removed. The way many introverts can easily establish a repoire with customers through these outlets makes them great candidates for these positions – and can help with some of the emotional energy zaps that hands-on service can excise.
Currently hiring: Customer Experience Agent at Rhone, Customer Support Advocate at Airtable

Accounting: Accounting is a pretty largely autonomous position in most companies, which makes it ideal for people who prefer to work on their own. In small-to-mid-size companies, you might even be the only person in the department, which means you can even structure your day and interactions around what works best for you. (It’s also a position that could eventually lead you to owning your own business, if that’s something you wanted!)
Currently hiring: Finance Operations Manager at ConvertKit.

Looking for an empowering community of women in technology? Check out Tech Ladies for networking opportunities, exclusive job openings, and fun local events!

User Research: Similar to UX Design, this field involves testing concepts, running user tests, and writing scripts to run through product changes. Working from a script, these employees might interview focus groups, opt for one-on-one testing (which can also be done remotely with tools like, research similar product and their target audiences, and create personas for existing and potential user bases.
Currently hiring: Sr. User Researcher at Crowdstrike.

Test Scorer: Companies like Pearson hire distributed employees, both full-time and seasonally, to score things like practice tests, ACTs, or other essay responses. Cozy up at your dining room table with a coffee and some focus music, and break out the red pen. Since there are no cubicle-mates and the scoring guidelines means it’s a relatively low-pressure job for someone who prefers to work more independently.
Currently hiring: Professional Scorer at Pearson.

January 8, 2020

7 companies hiring remote employees this month: August 2018

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Customer Service Representative at Tumblebooks: Tumblebooks is a new app to me, but I’m super excited about it. Similar to Hoopla or Libby, they provide children’s and middle grade books to libraries for lending on mobile devices. I popped it on my iPad the other day and set it up with my library card, and there’s a really deep variety of books there. They’re looking for a CSR to field support inquiries by email and phone and help set up new member accounts. This would be an amazing entry to a growing company for anyone who loves books!

Taco Unicorn at HeyTaco!: HeyTaco is a Slack integration for teams to build each other up and motivate them, which I think is such a great idea. Especially in remote companies, often teams might not know what great work other parts of the company are up to. HeyTaco helps recognize company-wide, so the whole team can heap kudos (aka “tacos”) on each other. Since it’s a growing company, they’re looking for someone in customer service to set their own job description. This could be a great part-time remote job for establishing your niche.

Looking for an empowering community of women in technology? Check out Tech Ladies for networking opportunities, exclusive job openings, and fun local events!

Senior Event Operations Coordinator at InVision: InVision is a graphic design app, and they’re expanding their event services team. This person will serve as a concierge for event attendees as well as the rest of the traveling marketing staff. InVision is a fully distributed company, but being on a traveling marketing team is one of the best ways to interface often with fellow staff members!

Social Media Engagement Coordinator at MeetEdgar: MeetEdgar is one of the dream remote companies to work for – they offer a housekeeping reimbursement to their teams! This part-time role is ideal for someone looking to transition to remote work, or even for a college student. You’ll be creating and sharing social content, and sticking to a collaborative content calendar!

Community Manager at Thinkful: Thinkful is a pretty cool new-ish company in the education sector. The Community Manager will help the marketing team raise brand awareness, organize free coding classes and events, and schedule and coordinate staff. Benefits include free tuition for Thinkful, so if you’re in marketing or event operations and looking to pivot to more hands-on code, this is an awesome opportunity.

Associate Product Manager at USA Today/Gannett: If you’re a technical writer, this job sounds awesome (and sounds especially exciting to me.) You’ll be user testing, writing a high volume of content, working with and finding brand partners, and consistently review and evaluate performance. This would be a great starter remote job for a blogger – it involves a lot of things we do anyway, and if you add those things to your resume, it can help you get ins with positions like this.

Freelance Writer at LitCharts: This would be a great side gig for an English or lit major. If you know classic literature really well and want to help others understand it better, check out this opportunity for LitChats. It’s flexible, so you can write as much or as little as you want, on their approval!

If you work remotely, do you tend to work from home, from a coffee shop or co-working space, or do you travel often?

August 22, 2018

7 companies hiring remote employees this month: June 2018

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June is almost over, which hardly seems believable. Though summers can be packed full of fun activities, it’s also a great time to network or search for a new job! Happy hours are a great time to hit the patios and network with new people – you never know where your next connection will come from. It might just open the door to your next career move! In light of that, here are a few open positions now – many of which don’t require any prior experience!

Community Support Associate at Khan Academy: Khan Academy is an online education non-profit, with resources for learners of all ages. They’re looking for a community support associate to interface between employees and students. The job description reads a lot like the duties I have at work, and I love working with people in a tech environment and making things more accessible! It’s a full-time position and while Khan is based in Mountain View, CA, they are remote-friendly!

Senior Writer at Aha!: If you have experience as a product manager, Aha has quite a few available positions. The Senior Writer works with the rest of the marketing team to create high-quality content for their road mapping software. B2B and SaaS enthusiasts would really dig this company, who is working to create a distributed team.

Customer Support Executive at This sales software is looking to add to their customer success team. The remote company is looking for someone to work with customers via email, phone, chat, and screen sharing to resolve issues. Glassdoor features high reviews from current and past employees, and they offer excellent benefits, including two retreats every year!

Tech Ladies is one of my favorite networking groups, and they have a really great job board as well! Join now to get access to networking events, webinars, and excellent job postings.

People Operations Specialist at Plex: Plex is one of my favorite discoveries of the year – it’s a remote media server you can set up, so you can access things like your music, TV shows, movies, or other media wherever you are. They’re hiring now for an HR specialist, so if you have a background in hiring and managing staff, this could be a great opportunity to move to a remote tech company.

Customer Advocate at Buffer: Buffer is one of the leading social media management software programs, and seems like a hugely popular company to work for. They’re looking worldwide for someone who fits with their company values to work with customers to get the most out of their Buffer membership. It looks like a pretty long application process, but it looks like they’re very communicative about the process!

General Night News Writer at Elite Daily: If you like breaking news, this after-hours position could be for you. Elite Daily is growing their news team, and they’re owned by the Bustle Media Group now. Since the acquisition, the quality of content has really gone up, and they aren’t just a content mill anymore – this is a great opportunity to join a well-established publication as a staff writer.

Event Manager at InVision: InVision is a UX design software, and they’re looking for an Event Manager to represent them at conventions and conferences, as well as design and execute InVision events. If you have a background in event management, are willing to travel, and want to work with an exciting virtual UX company, check this position out today!

June 13, 2018

work-from-home must-haves

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I’ve been super lucky to have been working remotely for almost five years now, and I think I’ve gotten it down to a pretty productive science. There’s definitely a lot to be said about creating a workspace that is comfortable for you, but not getting too comfortable. Through a lot of trial and error (and too many days working from my bed,) I thought I’d share some of my most-used products and setups for getting the job done!

I really like ambient background noise, which is funny, because usually that kind of noise pollution while I’m at a coffee shop or something will make me crazy. Ambient-mixer is one of my favorites, but when I’m really struggling to focus, I bring out the big guns: It’s an AI composer with music and sounds that help you focus, relax, or even sleep. The Beach Focus station is constantly on repeat for me, and I always feel hypermotivated when I have it playing.

In your home office, it can be really easy to think of something in the house that needs to be done, then doing it. Instead, I keep my bullet journal next to me wherever I’m working. This has been more effective for me than any other planning method – even my much-beloved Passion Planner – because it is so customizable. In addition to pages of to-do lists, I also keep my weekly schedule here, including meetings, scheduled breaks, and my weekly work outline. (If I don’t schedule breaks, I don’t take them, and not only does my productivity tank, my burnout hits me like a ton of bricks.)

Not sold on scheduling breaks into your day? Watch this video from Marisa Mohi on how scheduling breaks and sticking to them is an important part of self-care.

Create a dedicated workspace that you enjoy being in. I’m guiltier than anyone for working in bed more often than I should (i.e., at all.) Sometimes it just happens – it’s 1pm and I’ve been typing away since 7 without relocating or moving more than once. It’s important to have a place that isn’t your bed in order to work – trying to condition your brain to be more work-oriented will not only increase your focus, but it will also help you sleep better and improve your posture. Eventually, if you work in bed long enough, your brain and body will be conditioned to work when you’re laying down to sleep, and that’s no good for anybody. (My office is a work in progress, but by the time I’m done, it will feel like you’re on the beach in California – sand in your toes and all.)

Honestly, a dedicated workspace doesn’t even need to be fancy – it can be your kitchen table or a desk in your bedroom. Being in that space is a good physical symbol for your brain that now it’s time to work.

Find a desk that you love (or pop on craigslist to find a cheap one and do a DIY revamp so it becomes a desk you love,) and outfit it with things you want to be surrounded by. A vision board of inspirational quotes or your dream vacation, a candle of your favorite scent, and easy access to your favorite pens – whatever it takes to make it a space you like to spend time. I like a really simple, empty desk – otherwise, I won’t want to sit there. The file organizer that sits on my desk was $1 at Target, as was the wall calendar I have tacked up. I’ll rotate candles out with the season (I’m currently loving Bath & Body Works’ Salt Flower, thanks Dani.) Other than that, there’s not a lot of clutter on my desk.

(Yes, I do have a treadmill desk, but it can be hard to type and walk. I still sit at my old stationary desk pretty often as well when I’m working on copy-heavy projects, like blogging.)

Another thing that can help you get out of bed or off the couch and over to your desk is a mug you love that’s for work only. I have a giant one from my old arena that I love, and I only use it when I’m working at my desk. It’s important to keep a water bottle nearby too – when I moved from an office to a home office, I was constantly dehydrated because I wasn’t drinking water at all. My favorite is this Contigo one, which keeps drinks cold for hours.

Get dressed. I hate this as much as the next person, but to be honest, my work uniform isn’t even that fancy. I get up, put on a sports bra and workout shirt along with workout capris, and call it a day. The act of changing out of my pajamas is all I need to get the creative juices flowing. You could even change out of sleep clothes into sweats – as long as it works for you. This could also be the start of a morning routine – another way to slide into your workday. Get up, maybe do some yoga, start the coffee machine, make breakfast, take your vitamins, say some daily mantras – it’s a good and gentle way to transition from sleep to work.

Lastly, it’s important to have a place to escape to. Luckily I have the option to enjoy my outdoor patio office (since I live in Chicago, I get to do this for about two weeks a year, but still) but sometimes being home at all is too much of a distraction and it’s time to get out of the house. Or maybe the internet has gone out for the tenth time in a day and you can’t deal with one more router reset. Knowing what coffee shops nearby helps because some days you just can’t focus on the work at hand with all those distractions – or the power will go out, the internet goes down, or your neighbors decide that 9am on a Tuesday is the appropriate time to have band practice. Escape to the coffee shop for unlimited caffeine, camaraderie (there’s always someone else working in a coffee shop,) and internet connection.

Do you work remotely? What are your home office must-haves or favorite products?

June 6, 2018

7 companies hiring work-from-home employees this month: may 2018

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Memorial Day weekend is here! That long weekend-free stretch from January to the end of May is a struggle for me every year – by this point I’m definitely feeling the burnout, and I’m grateful for the refresh. If you’re looking to make a change in your career, you could use this extra time off and the vibes you’ll have after relaxing for a few days to work out your resume, write some awesome cover letters, and apply to some awesome new jobs! Fully distributed companies and teams continue to grow, and even traditional companies are seeing the benefits and offering more work-from-home positions. Here are a few to look into this month!

Part-Time Sales Representative at Museum Hack: I’ve been really interested in Museum Hack for awhile – they offer “renegade” museum tours in cities across America, and their non-tour guide positions are all remote. If you’re looking for something part-time to supplement an existing job, or want to test the work-from-home waters, this position could be a great way to put your customer service skills to use!

Customer Success Manager at When dapulse rebranded last year, they chose as their new company name, and I can’t help but wonder how much that domain name cost. They’re growing exponentially now, and looking for an MST/PST Customer Success Manager to cover their off-hours. The company is based in Tel Aviv, so this would essentially be an overnight coverage position. If you’ve got lots of experience in customer support, this autonomous position with a cool productivity SaaS could be for you!

Virtual Administrative Assistant at Modern Tribe: Virtual assisting has been a great side hustle choice for years, and if you want to transition into making it your full-time gig, Modern Tribe might be looking for you. They’re a digital marketing company that has worked on a ton of really creative projects (Tuniversity is my favorite) and they’re growing their Operations team.

Travel Guide for WOW Air: Talk about a dream job. WOW Air is looking for someone to travel to each of the cities they service and write travel guides for the city. One of my life goals is to be published in an airline magazine, but I would never have thought about an option like this!

Tech Ladies is one of my favorite networking groups, and they have a really great job board as well! Join now to get access to networking events, webinars, and excellent job postings.

Recruiter at Invision: Invision is a collaborative design app, and it’s used by a lot of leading companies. They’re looking for an HR recruiter to hire more engineers for their platform – this is a great opportunity for anyone with a background in SaaS HR and working with developers and engineers.

Analysts Relations Manager at Gitlab: Gitlab is one of my favorite tech companies. They’re inclusive, diverse, and best of all, they’re very transparent about their hiring process. The Analyst Relations Manager will facilitate relationships with Gitlab influencers, research trends and manage outreach programs. Many bloggers participate in influencer programs, so this could be a way to apply the skills we’ve learned from blogging!

Communications Administrative Assistant at Passionate about climate change and the environmental crisis it’s causing? is a non-profit working toward awareness and research of this growing problem. If you’re looking to transition into communications, this is a great way to get your feet wet while using your customer service and organizational skills!

Are you looking for a new, remote job for the summer?

May 25, 2018