30 Before 30


I’m coming up on 30 pretty quickly (less than four years!) and I’ve chosen not to list 30 out of the gate to leave myself room to grow – things important to me at 26 are probably not going to be equally important to me at 28 or 29. So I’m starting here with 12, with plenty of room to grow. I want achieveable goals as well as some crazy out there ones that I’ll have to push myself to make happen because that’s what these lists should be for anyway!

  1. Run a race ran Little Kings one-miler on 5/3/13
  2. Go to Disney 1/19/14
  3. Pay off (at least) my AES loans
  4. Visit DC went 3/24-3/25/13
  5. Be a size 12
  6. Start my own side freelance business
  7. Model 
  8. Take a Spanish class or use the Rosetta Stone
  9. Take care of my major medical problems (carpal tunnel/tendonitis surgery, test for the HER-II gene)
  10. Get to inbox zero
  11. Get a promotion or new job
  12. Live somewhere for more than two years
  13. Have $10,000 in an emergency fund
  14. Take a dance class
  15. Visit every Cedar Fair park
  16. Go on vacation with my family
  17. Use my passport at least one more time before it expires in 2015
  18. Get fit enough to teach a group exercise instructor
  19. Run the 5/3 Riverbank Run
  20. Run a marathon
  21. Pay for dinner for my family
  22. Visit Siesta Key, Florida