2018 reading challenge

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2018 reading challenge

It’s little surprise that I love to read – just check out my Goodreads feed or my Instagram for a taste of what books I’ve picked up lately. Last year, Dani and I discovered the PopSugar reading challenge, and we thought it would be a fun way to read different books (and make a pretty spread in our bullet journals.)

Toward the end of last year, we decided to make a 2018 challenge of our own. Over the last few months of 2017 we started noting down categories or prompts we saw on other lists, or ideas we thought of as we walked around Chicago. In December, we sat down and culled it to a list of 50 prompts, thinking that 50 books in 52 weeks was a pretty good read rate. We then added a 51st prompt to pick a book for each other to read, because we do have pretty diverse reading tastes.

I thought I’d share our challenge here in case you’re looking for some creative prompts to mix up your reading and want to read along with us! I have a shelf on Goodreads where I’m cataloging the books I’m using for the challenge, and at the end of the year, I’ll probably do a recap post.

This will probably mean that my formerly-quarterly book club review posts might get more frequent, so get ready for lots of recommendations!

We’re also making notes with ideas for next year’s challenge, so if you have any suggestions for prompts, let me know in the comments! Check out this printable Pinterest graphic (it’s sized perfectly for a bullet journal, so you can print it out and paste it in if you, like me, are too lazy to draw a pretty page for all the challenge prompts :))

2018 reading challenge

What do you think of the prompts? Any suggestions for our reading challenge next year?