Something new!

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If you follow me on Twitter (which you should, I promise I’m really fun,) you might have noticed a slight change in the last few weeks – I changed my username to @desidoesthings from @anortherngirls.

When I started this blog over five years ago, I couldn’t pick a name. This isn’t unique, and I think every blogger knows the pressure of picking the right name right out of the gate. I have to say – I feel like I failed at that. I’ve never loved A Northern Girl – sure, it’s who and what I am, but it doesn’t have a nice ring to it. It’s not catchy like Making Sense of Cents or Helene In Between or Venus Trapped In Mars. I never even really made a proper logo for it (though I do love the clean lines of Futura Medium that has served as the header all these years.)

A few weeks ago, a stroke of genius finally grabbed me. You probably know that I launched a food blog earlier this year (come join us at Desi Does Pizza!) and I recently registered a domain name that would serve as a landing page for all my projects. But I loved that name so much, and I love this blog so much, that it finally occurred to me: is what this blog was destined to be all along.

Desi Does feels much more personal – it’s about me, and a better reflection of what this blog is. Whether I’m sharing my blogging and remote work experiences, trying new products or experiences, or traveling, it’s all what I love to do – and what I love to write about.

What does this mean for content?

I’ll still be following the same posting format and content: lifestyle Mondays, blogging Wednesdays, and travel/location independent Fridays. I’ll just be doing it under a new name – one that feels more like me.

I do hope you’ll stick around and consider signing up for the mailing list! If you have a moment, I’d also love your feedback on this reader survey as well. It will help me make sure I’m providing the content you’re looking for!

How did you come up with your blog name? Did you go through several before landing on one you love?