banned coffee review & discount code

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I received a sample from Banned Coffee to review. All opinions are my own.

banned coffee discount code

It shouldn’t be a surprise by now that Dani and I love coffee.

Banned Coffee touts itself as the world’s strongest, most delicious coffee. It features more than three times the amount of caffeine of an energy drink (plus a lot less sugar.) I’m here for anything that will wake me up and cut out sugar. Banned Coffee sent us two different kinds to try: both the regular bean blend as well as the pumpkin spice flavored coffee.

Because of the super high caffeine content, I steeled myself for a rough ride and something really acidic. The first time I tried the regular roast was in a mason jar French press-type so I could test it out, and brewed it like a regular cup. I was shocked at how smooth it was. It doesn’t taste any different from any other coffees – it just wakes you up a bit more! They also have a ground variety, if you’re lazy (like me) and don’t like to DIY the grinding portion.

Banned Coffee also sent along the pumpkin spice blend to try. I love all pumpkin spice everything, all year long (seriously, I make these muffins even in the middle of summer.) It comes ground, and smells just like a pumpkin pie. I liked it just as much as the original roast – just as smooth – and with some half and half or creamer, it’s even better. I can’t wait to use this to DIY some pumpkin lattes!

love this coffee. Personally, I can’t testify to the caffeine levels (I never feel a perk from any sort of caffeine, and never have) but it’s so tasty. I also like that their website has a breakdown of the cost per cup, so you can really see what a great value it is.Both the pumpkin spice coffee and the original blend are Banned Coffee is super smooth so if you’re susceptible to heartburn, this is a great coffee to keep in your cabinet – and best of all, they feature a subscription service you can set the timing for, so you’ll never run out.

If you love coffee, I definitely recommend checking out Banned Coffee! Use coupon code BCDRA20POFF for 20% off!