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I’ve shared plenty of resources before on where you can find free stock photos for your blog or business – you can even get a spreadsheet by signing up for the email list! If you’re a blogger or business owner, sometimes it’s easier to create your own graphics than contracting out. There are tons of resources that make this easier than ever (like Canva). My favorite resource for building a graphic assets library is CreativeMarket.

CreativeMarket has HUNDREDS of fonts, website themes, social media templates, and anything else you need to create beautiful graphics. Best of all, every Monday they provide six freebies you can download. Some of the freebies I’ve gotten include fonts, stock photos, and even WordPress themes!

Though this post does contain affiliate links, it’s not sponsored – I just see a lot of benefit in CreativeMarket, and hope to help others with the same design needs!

creative market for bloggers

There are a lot of things to love about CreativeMarket, but these are a few of my favorites.

  • The best feature is that they store all your purchases, including freebie downloads. You can access any of your assets at any time to download them to a different computer, or just remember what the name of that one specific font is. (I use it for this more often than I’d like to admit!)
  • Since CreativeMarket keeps a record of your downloads, they also notify you when an updated version is available. Sometimes fonts get updated, graphics have spelling corrections, or stock photo packs get new photos added (yay!) Keeping your assets up to date by downloading each ensures that they’ll keep working with tech updates as well.
  • They also offer an option to sync purchases (and freebies) to Dropbox. This is great if you store your design assets in the cloud -I recommend this because I’ve lost assets before, or needed to access something on a different computer. Now, I have a pCloud account dedicated specifically to graphic design assets so I’ll never lose anything!
  • The bundles many shops offer are a great deal too. You can get entire packs of fonts or marketing mockups to get everything you need for your brand’s graphics in one pack. Bundles are also often discounted massively (think 100 fonts for less than $20!)
  • Tons of fonts from handwritten script to straight-laced sans serifs mean there’s more than one you’ll love. (I’ve more than doubled my font library since discovering CreativeMarket. Whoops.)
  • If you’re working on a client presentation, you might get bored of the same old Powerpoint looks but not have the drive to make your own. CreativeMarket also features Powerpoint templates so your clients aren’t looking at the same slides over and over.
  • It’s also easy to purchase additional licenses. Most products come with a base standard license, but if you need a corporate license or more than one, it’s easy to add on.
  • Every category has a variety of styles to fit your brand. Whether your content is feminine, artsy, “loud,” summery, or anything else, there are assets that will match!
  • Being able to download full social media packs makes it easy to bring a cohesive look to your blog without having to create your own templates. This saves time not only in creating your own but in getting your images completed and ready to post without too much work!
  • Less common design needs are also explored here. I’ve seen invitations and save the date cards, resumes and business cards, and even infographic templates and product mockups on CreativeMarket.
  • Having access to products created by the same maker ensures consistent branding across your marketing platforms. It helps to create brand recognition in the reader’s mind!

A few of my favorite products:

Do you use CreativeMarket? What are your favorite products?