6 blog management skills to put on your resume

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This post contains affiliate links.

blog management skills to add to your resume

You might think that blogging is a fun hobby, and it is! But it’s also a great way to build marketable skills for your resume. As a blogger, you’re not only a writer, but also a marketer, designer, editor, and creative director. Depending on your niche, you’re also developing valuable sales skills as well. That’s nothing to shake a stick at! For years I wrestled with including my blog on my resume or professional portfolio at all, but I’ve been doing this for five years and have become an expert in many things I’ve never had the opportunity to explore in my day jobs. It’s important for prospective new employers to have a view of all of your skills – and if they check out your blog, they’ll even get to know more about you! Here are just six of the blogging skills you can add to your resume today.

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Marketing: You oversee the social media marketing plan for your blog – what tools do you use? Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and your blogging platform should all be listed on your resume or portfolio. Much like your media kit, you could also add in your social stats. Google Analytics and any other tools you use can be added here as well. Any advertising you do with other bloggers (or even in Facebook groups) are also really great to add. You’re also focused on writing posts with great SEO, which companies will find attractive (and add value with highlighting your Pinterest SEO skills as well.) Email marketing tools are popular in all industries as well, so if you’ve tried a couple out, be sure to outline that!

Community Building: While having a huge number of followers (probably) feels really great, building a dedicated audience interested in what you have to say is even better. Being able to show employers that you can engage readers and customers displays that you can create worthwhile content that adds value to their existing brand.

Brand Partnerships: Speaking of brands, partnerships and sponsors are definitely worthy of your resume. Showing that you have partnered successfully with brands or companies is impressive, especially if you’ve collaborated with them multiple times. It also shows that you excel at the “cold call” approach since it’s rare for brands to reach out to bloggers directly. This is a really valuable skill, especially once you’ve mastered it!

Graphic Design/Photography: Even if you’re just shooting snaps on your iPhone or editing graphics in Canva or phone apps, there’s a lot of design work that goes into blog planning. Finding stock photography, choosing fonts and colors, and even selecting a layout or theme for your blog helps to enhance your design skills every day. I even know some bloggers who had no design skills when they started, and now they side hustle creating graphics for other bloggers or brands. It’s helped me tremendously – the other day I got a glance of my first media kit and just wanted to shudder!

Chief Creative: What post goes where? What kinds of brands will you work with? What’s the color scheme, layout, and font pairings? You’re in charge of all the artistic decisions as well. Using HTML and CSS, even if it’s basic, is definitely worth adding this to your resume. It comes in handy if you’re writing or formatting blog posts or email marketing newsletters (and even on social media.) Mapping out your content calendar shows your skills at pre-planning, which will set you apart in a world full of procrastinators!

Copywriting: In blogging, we’re responsible for a pretty wide variety of copy. From blog posts to social media blurbs and newsletters, they each beg for their own tone. Running your own blog (and marketing) helps you exercise this muscle outside the workplace, and bring in the skills to apply to your new position.

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  • Reply Sheryl

    You are exactly on point! All skills make a difference. As a retired teacher, I always added conflict resolution, time management, record keeping, and organization to my resume. A teacher does so much more than teach! The same with bloggers!

    June 14, 2017 at 5:12 pm
  • Reply Sheila

    Ah, this is a great post Desi! I recently tried to update my resume with “blogging” skills, but I hate writing resumes (lol) and got frustrated after a while. This is super helpful!


    June 14, 2017 at 6:42 pm
  • Reply Jinapher J. Hoffman

    This is actually really helpful! Now that I’m focusing on my blog a little more, I’ve learned new skills but wasn’t sure the type of things I could put on my resume. This is good to know, and I’m keeping it bookmarked for future reference (:

    June 15, 2017 at 8:32 am
  • Reply Marie

    This is amazing. I did not even think about this. I will share this so more people know.
    Branding and Marketing specialist is so me.

    Ladies Make Money Online

    June 15, 2017 at 10:15 am
  • Reply Stephanie

    Very true! Good article😊

    June 15, 2017 at 1:25 pm
  • Reply Ally vieg

    These are some really great tips!! Thank you

    June 15, 2017 at 1:43 pm
  • Reply Nicole

    So true! I’m super new to the blogging scene, but I already find myself swamped with all the different things that I need to do to get my blog up and to get people to see it. There’s so much to manage! I never thought I could actually use these skills in the professional world — but now I do. Thank you!

    July 13, 2017 at 12:48 pm
  • Reply Desi Does - how to use basecamp to organize your blog - Desi Does

    […] just a good way to organize your blog or business. It’s also a good tool to have on your resume – especially if you want to transition to a remote career. Many companies use this to […]

    August 9, 2017 at 7:19 am
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