become location independent: Take Your Life Back book review

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This post contains affiliate links. I was provided a copy for review, but all opinions are my own.

Leah Davis of The Sweetest Way knew she didn’t want to have a traditional career or life – but she didn’t know how to make it happen. Over many years, she eked out her own way to accomplish her dream: a life of travel, location independence, and entrepreneurship. She’s hugely successful in the travel & lifestyle design community and recently released an eBook, Take Your Life Back, in order to help others who dream of the kind of life she’s living make it a reality.

The beginning of the book has a nice introduction, and Leah talks about jobs she tried in order to get her remote dreams to come true. Some fit her better than others, and each position helped her hone in on her strengths and skills more and more. After an overview of what location independence is, she also walks through what to expect and what personality types tend to excel in this kind of lifestyle.

  • One thing I noticed specifically is that this book is geared more toward those with an entrepreneurial bend than those interested in working remotely for a company or organization.

Leah discusses some of the mistakes she made along the way, along with the things that really helped her build success, like seeking out mentors and engaging and interacting with them. She talks about the “comparison is the thief of joy” concept, which I think anyone (especially bloggers) can relate to. It was nice for me to hear that and not feel like I’m the only one getting jealous of the success of others from time to time.

The book is hugely informative as it goes on – once it transitions out of her backstory, she gives some actionable resources that let you start building your skills, or looking for remote or freelance positions. She even provides steps on how you could start to negotiate with your current employer to move to a partially remote schedule to start in your lifestyle transition.

Every digital nomad should definitely have some kind of passive income source set up, and I agree with her. For me, Swagbucks is a big source of passive income – since I’m searching for things online anyway, it’s nice to accumulate points to redeem for cash or Amazon cards. Leah makes some suggestions on products or other ways to generate income without much effort – both online and offline. She also provides a list of her favorite affiliate companies.

Chapter seven is on building your online presence, and I wish I’d had some of this advice back when I started my blog! If you’ve been struggling with how to brand yourself or choose a domain name, Leah has some great advice and even reviews her own rebrand. She makes a choice not to overwhelm the reader with information on how to start blogging, which is really nice since there’s a wealth of information on that topic out there.

One of the longer chapters is on Pinterest secrets, and it was a very timely section for me to find. She shares some great data on Pinterest users and why everyone should be using it for their blog and business. (Yes, your own freelance or entreprenurial career is a business!) I’ll be going back to review this often, along with the added value links, to apply the tips and up my Pinterest game.

Leah Davis, author of Take Your Life Back
Leah Davis, author of Take Your Life Back

Take Your Life Back also covers investing in yourself and networking. It’s important to build relationships as well as your skills – Leah shares her favorite courses, conferences, and books, as well as online and in-person networking communities. The book also includes interviews with many of the people she’s befriended along the way who are also digital nomads, spotlighting their journeys to entrepreneurship.

She covers some of the less “fun” parts of becoming a digital nomad as well, like financial and tax considerations. I think if you’ve gotten to the point where you’re reading a book about location independence, you’ve considered the monetary implications, but the tax information and resources are very helpful.

The book goes on with ways to stay motivated on your journey, and also staying connected – sometimes, the travel lifestyle can make it difficult to find reliable wifi! Leah also talks her favorite destinations and ways to save money – I consider myself pretty Google savvy, but she had a lot of helpful tips on how to hack the search engine to help you find deals!

The bonus chapter is her social media management contract. It can even be edited for any type of freelance position – just carefully edit “social media” to apply to your gig.

There’s a ton of value in this book. A lot of these tips are things I’m working on right now (like Pinterest marketing!) so I’m working hard to put them into practice. The links she shares for online networking are super helpful as well and I’m excited to get involved. The chapter on Legal and Tax Considerations was super valuable as well – for me, and for anyone who has dipped their toes into online entrepreneurship in any fashion.

Pick up your copy today, and be sure to visit The Sweetest Way for more great information and resources!

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