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Sometimes, writing about yourself can be the hardest part of your blog or website. A great about page is one of the most important parts of your website, though! What should you include, and what makes a great bio page anyway? Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite blogger about pages, as well as some tips on how to make sure yours stands out!

Helene In Between: Helene is a HUGELY successful lifestyle blogger, and I’ve been following her for quite a few years. Her “about” page is very personal. It tells the story of how and why she and her husband were able to move to Germany. That might not seem like it relates to her blog at all, but it’s exactly what allowed her to move abroad! I’ve gotten so much value from her blog that I joined her Blog Boss Babes group and highly recommend it.

Secret Blogger’s Business: Kate started her second (majorly) successful blog in Secret Blogger’s Business, and her bio page here is gorgeous. The layout makes the content easy to read – as you scroll down, images alternate from left to right, which makes the content super easy to read. It also walks through her past blog journey, some personal info, and successes she’s had with her websites! By the time you finish reading her bio, it’s clear what she’s about and how she can help you.

Emma Lenhart: Emma has a cool, clean blog aesthetic, and her biography page matches as well. She uses a professionally done headshot, and the content on the page aligns perfectly with the photo! That makes it really visually interesting and easy to read.

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It’s Carmen: Carmen’s “about” page is another very complete bio. She shares her blogging history as well as personal anecdotes (we share the same mac & cheese philosophy!) Plus, she updates it regularly – as soon as she left her corporate job, she noted it in her biography right away.

Catherine Chicotka: A new find for me, I really like Catherine’s site! Her about page, like the others, is well organized and not only talks about what visitors will find on her website but also her brief bio. The photos she’s chosen also tells a lot about her personality, which is great to show on your blog.

Blog Beautifully: I like Krista’s biography page because of its simplicity. Her headshot photo blends in perfectly with the white background, which makes the content stick out. She includes two calls to action at the bottom – a mailing list signup form, as well as the option to enroll in her free e-course. I highly recommend including a mailing list signup form on each page of your site – you never know when someone will be ready to subscribe!

Fitnancials: I’ve been following Alexis’ blog since she started in 2013 (around the same time as me!) and she continues to impress. Her about page is great because she blogs often about her travel journey, and she includes many photos from her trips in her bio. It’s great to see how her blog has helped her succeed!

byRegina: If you’re an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur, byRegina is a blog you have to read. She has a ton of great resources on how to market yourself and monetize your brand. Her bio clearly displays her experience (i.e. why you should trust her) and the clean layout of her website is easy to navigate!

26 and Not Counting: Another Chicago blogger, Jess’ bio page is really fun. She has a quick blurb about her but then features a “Q&A” style survey for a more conversational tone. Even though she doesn’t like coffee, we’ll have to forgive her – it’s a creative and informative biography!

Another one that I think is exemplary is this one from Louise of Oh So Sensitive. Not only is this one of my favorite blogs, it might be my favorite about page as well. She gives some fun facts and quick biographical information about herself, and weaves it into the story of how her blog started and why.

So what should be on your blog about page?

  • Be sure to include at least one photo of yourself. Even if you have one in the sidebar that appears on all your pages, use a different one – it shows different sides of your personality! Plus, not all blog themes display the sidebar on pages.
  • Tell the story of your blog: why you started it, what you write about, and what readers can expect. Think of it as an elevator pitch for your blog – just a few short sentences on what and why!
  • Fun facts about you also help your readers connect with you. You never know – maybe someone visiting your site has the same weird phobia as you, or also speaks Bulgarian! (Swans are terrifying, though, am I right?)
  • I’d also recommend including links to your social media. Even though they’re likely built in to your theme, someone might not choose to follow you until they’ve learned about your personality. This is also a good place to dump in the “extra” social media networks you don’t include in your main navigation, like Goodreads and Spotify!
  • After all that, visitors will be dying to work with you or buy from you. Be sure to include some kind of sales pitch, whether it’s a link to your online store or a call to action for brands to work together!

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Share your blog with us in the comments – I’d love to take a look at your bio page as well!