7 companies hiring right now for june 2017

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It’s June, which means it’s finally summer! There’s no better time than this season to be a digital nomad. Anytime I want, I can take my laptop out onto the porch and soak up some vitamin D, or head out on a weekend beach trip and work from Starbucks. There are a wide variety of jobs that can be done remotely, and lots of companies are hiring work from home employees right now! It’s not for web developers and designers anymore. There are positions in every industry, including marketing and content writing, customer service and tech support, and even human resources. Here are seven positions you can apply to right now – some of them even without any remote or advanced experience on your resume!

Director, Brand & Content Strategies at Remote Year: Remote Year is an organization that helps digital nomads travel the world, working in twelve cities around the world for one month each. They’re looking for a marketing pro to define the brand, manage content and editorial direction, engage the community, and other marketing strategies. This job sounds challenging and fun. They’re a company dedicated to the idea of location independence, so it could be a great way to see the world!

Customer Service Pro (Full-Time) at MeetEdgar: MeetEdgar is a social media automation service, having launched in 2014 and continuing to grow >exponentially.If you have customer service experience in any area (retail, hospitality or food, or even working in a gym for a few examples) you can definitely apply that knowledge here!It’s best suited for a social media lover with some technical knowledge, and they’re looking for someone based in the States.

Content Marketer & Writer, Hubstaff: Hubstaff is an HR software service used by many remote companies, and they’re also renowned for their blog. They’re looking for someone with content writing experience as an hourly contractor to write posts, setup SEO, editing other writers, and more. (This would be a great position for any blogger who is looking to transition to a remote job. These are things we do in our own businesses every day!)

Customer Service Representative at Museum Hack: Museum Hack started a few years ago to offer “renegade” tours at museums throughout the country. Their business model lends itself to a partially distributed team. Their job openings never last long because company reviews are great – get your application in today.
Content Marketer at Qwilr: Qwilr is a company that lets you replace static graphics and documents with responsive web pages that plug in to presentations to make them more interesting. Based in Australia, they’re recruiting someone with excellent marketing and writing skills. Their job description page is thorough – that’s a good thing, because you can tailor your application materials directly to what they’re looking for! (And who doesn’t want to work for a company that invites them down to Sydney?)

Full-Time Technical Customer Success Contractor at MixMax: I personally use MixMax, so I can testify that it’s a great product and company! This tech company is based in San Fransisco, but they’re hiring a remote customer service employee to become an expert on their email tracking software.

Exectutive Assistant at SkyVerge: An eCommerce company based in Boston but with a fully remote staff, they’re looking for an Executive Assistant. This person will assist with a little bit of everything: HR, travel arrangements, and finance are a few of the areas noted. If you’ve been an Office Manager or Virtual Assistant, you can transfer over a lot of your skills!

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