monthly roundup no. 2

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may link roundup

I can hardly believe how fast May went – it seems like just last week I was starting to collect my favorite links from around the web to share. Once again, I was bookmarking things in Pocket, and I’m doing a better job of going back through to read the articles and posts I save. This month, some more links to cheer you up and my favorite Twitter company to get tons of cool free stuff.

Fooji: A marketing company that partners with major brands, their philosophy is that fans should be rewarded for supporting companies. They deliver these rewards on behalf of the companies – and it’s not just free swag. I’ve gotten a super comfy Kris Bryant shirt from adidas, free pizza delivery, Baby Groot, bags of delicious popcorn, and most recently, a bag full of awesome adidas swag. I’ve also seen them deliver wine and desserts! Follow them on Twitter and get notified of their promotions – they even do weekly food giveaways every Friday, so you can participate even if you don’t live in a big city.

5 Days in Iceland Itinerary: Kathleen and I have been friends for almost ten years, and she is a travelling machine! She recently launched her travel blog, Wandering Kathleen, and this post on Iceland is a done-for-you itinerary to make the most of your trip there.

Don’t Focus on Your Situation, Focus on Your Trajectory: I’ve had a tough month. Personally, familially, for my friends – it’s been a rough one. I had vented to a friend about how I was beginning to feel very stuck in my life. That somehow I’m not doing enough, or that I’m not where I need to be. He sent this article over to me, and it made me feel a little better.

7 Ways Men Must Learn to do Emotional Labor in their Relationships: I learned about emotional labor from a friend a few months ago, and I think the men in my life wish I never had. Especially being at home, I’m realizing how much work the women in my life really do. Picking up prescriptions and coordinating medical care, coordinating entertainment and events in friend groups, making sure there are groceries in the house and cooking dinner, or even things as small as deciding when or how to get somewhere – it can all start to exhaust us. I think it’s important to be aware of and consider how men can pick up some of the slack.

Split Image: This is an older story, but it popped up on my Timehop this month, and I thought it was worth sharing again. I think it’s really important to take into account and realize that even if someone looks high functioning, they might not really have it all together.

Killing it with kindness: The tale of Jervis Cottonbelly: Last month, I came out as a wrestling fan. We basically just watch WWE (thank you Total Divas) but on Twitter, I follow a lot of people who tweet about “minor league” wrestling as well. Somehow I heard about this guy, Gentleman Jervis Cottonbelly, whose schtick is being a nice, happy, kind human. Rather than using aggression in his matches, he’ll even try to rock his opponents to sleep in order to win. Even if you think wrestling is ridiculous, Jervis might make you laugh! (It was an especially apt discovery as a few days prior, I found out about my grandmother’s terminal cancer.) It’s just nice to see someone whose whole gimmick is being nice, and it’s more infectious than I expected.

5 Reasons to Love Stationary RV Life: When I was young, my grandparents did a lot of traveling by camper, and I got to tag along often. My favorite trip was when, between fourth and fifth grades, they took me on a trip throughout the western states and then we came back to Michigan through Canada. (I point to that trip as the source of my love for Canada!) Ever since then, I’ve loved living small, even before tiny living became so popular. I’m really interested in full-time RVing, but the idea of new cities week after week doesn’t appeal so much to me – this post outlines so many of the reason I think I’d love this lifestyle.

Elyse Fox Opens Up About Sad Girls Club: There’s something empowering about connecting with other people who are struggling on social media, so I was excited to learn about Sad Girls Club from this article. It’s important work. (And she has the same name and spelling as my niece, go Elyses!)