dollar shave club wanderer review

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I was provided a complimentary product from Dollar Shave Club to review, but all opinions are my own.

dollar shave club wanderer

Dollar Shave Club‘s name sounds obvious and their marketing has been all over for the last few years, so it seems pretty easy to describe their company. A monthly subscription box for razors. They’ve branched out to become so much more than that, though – and they asked me to review their new Wanderer line of shower products. Dollar Shave Club’s Chief Innovation Officer, Fadi Mourad, told Sweet that Wanderer was born of hearing from guys that “their skin always felt dry, itchy, and uncomfortable throughout the day,” so with that in mind, I paid special attention to how clean and fresh I felt when jumping out of the shower.

dollar shave club wanderer

Though much of their marketing has been geared toward men, they encourage women to use their shave products as well (I’ve used their razors before), and I was impressed by the Wanderer line. The scents aren’t overly “manly” – one of the cleansers is lavender and amber scented, which is really warm and soothing. (I described it to someone as it feeling like a hug when I first used it.) The Sage & Black Pepper shampoo and conditioner smell really great – lightly scented, and the sage smell really makes me feel awake. Their conditioner is particularly amazing – it’s left my hair super soft, and helped with snarls and tangles. Another touch I really appreciated in the shampoo and conditioner is that the top of the shampoo is translucent, while the conditioner is white, making it easy to tell the difference!

dollar shave club wanderer

Wanderer also features two soap scents – the calming Amber Lavender, and awakening Mint Cedarwood. I’m a really big fan of the Amber Lavender cleanser – I like to use it when I shower at night to help relax and drift off. Mint Cedarwood is great too – the combination definitely does awaken you, and when paired with the Lathering Shower Cloth, it’s a combination for next level clean. (The exfoliation of the shower cloth is a bit heavy, so if you have sensitive skin, it might be something to try just once a week.) Their bar soaps have exfoliating beads in them too, and I’ve liked having one by the sink for really clean hands.

dollar shave club wanderer

The Citrus Hawaiian Ginger face cleanser is another standout. It won’t dry you out at all (or leave you feeling greasy), and the tropical scent of this one gives you a quick vacation while you wash your face! I’m very used to face cleansers with microbeads or extra scrubbers in them so I was apprehensive about this, but it works up into a nice lather for a deep clean.

The line is sulfate-free (which means the hair products are safe even for color treated hair) and natural, with ingredients meant to hydrate while they cleanse. You can purchase the products a la carte, or buy one of the bundles they’ve put together for a discount. I was really impressed by all of the products and I highly recommend them – they could even save room in your shower if you’re overly stocked on gendered shampoos and shower gels!

Have you ever tried Dollar Shave Club? What’s your favorite shower gel scent?