march recap / april goals

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How is March already over? I know they say every year goes by faster (thanks, ER) but it really feels like this past year has been the fastest.

  • 10 No Spend Days
  • Read three books I read four!
  • Figure out car registration This was a big deal and a source of a lot of grief for me. I’m relieved that it’s over.
  • Finish getting tax stuff sorted I finally sent everything off to my accountant, but I’m not totally sure I’m all set on this on my end yet
  • Complete web development course
  • Follow up regarding a health insurance issue
  • Clean out closet
  • Give blood
  • Fix my budget
  • Continue meditating twice a week
  • Work out three days a week
  • Update media kit
  • Launch new blog project
  • Blog three times a week Between both of my blogs, this was easy to get done!

Overall, a really successful month I think! Especially after feeling like a few months of not being able to get started and keep my momentum going.

  • Learn how to braid my hair (I think Dani will be glad to see this on the list)
  • Read two books
  • Do yoga three times a week
  • Set up and unpack office (at least I bought a desk)
  • Go to the chiropractor
  • Find a doctor and dentist
  • Be featured on another podcast or network for Desi Does Pizza
  • Automate more tasks, like social media
  • Continue I am here now mindfulness exercises
  • Give blood
  • Continue blogging three times a week

I am really focusing on getting back on the yoga train this month. Once I start doing it regularly, it’s easy to continue, until I get sick or something else gets in the way. If I take even one day off, I find it really difficult to get back into the rhythm. I need to come up with some kind of tracker in my bullet journal – the feeling of physically checking something off or writing down progress is really helpful for me!

What are your goals this month? How do you keep motivated on your progress when things get in your way?