home decor DIY: recreating wall art

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Dani and I moved into our new apartment a few months ago and we were #blessed to find an apartment that doesn’t have white walls. They’re a nice cool grey, but they still needed decorating. In my living room style post, I had found a painting that I envisioned for above the fireplace. Dani really liked it too, but neither of us felt like shelling out almost $100 for something to hang up. We both really love arts and crafts and DIY, so that’s exactly what we decided to do – paint it ourselves.

Last Sunday, we headed over to Joann’s to pick up supplies for a crafty day to recreate the painting from Wayfair and a few other projects we had planned. For this project you’ll need the following:

  • A canvas – you pick the size. The ones that were the size we wanted to fill were expensive, so we got even craftier and decided to split it up onto two canvases. This also meant we could each paint one side! ($12.36 with coupon)
  • Paint – we picked purple and copper. ($6.75 each)
  • Sponges and brushes – we had 1.5″ sponges and whatever brush you’re comfortable with for the arrow. ($1.49 and $2.49)
  • Paint pallet ($1.50)
  • Water

From there, it’s pretty straightforward. We pushed the canvases together and started from the middle with the sponges, mixing a little black in for the middle to be the darkest part. Pulling the canvases apart, we each took a side to paint. Adding water to thin it out and make the color a bit lighter on the ends, we painted the edges of the canvas as well so it looked like it was continuous when hung. After drying for about an hour, we popped out the gold paint and the brushes, then started on the arrows. For these we painted the edges as well.

I think it came out really well, and I also love that we both got to do different sides of the canvas.

Are you into DIY-ing your home decor? What are your favorite projects?