music monday: spring cleaning

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music monday

It’s spring cleaning time! We’ve had a few above-60 degree days in Chicago, which always gives me the urge to open my windows, fill the house with flowers, and start dusting down everything. I like to make a fun playlist to jam along to as I move from room to room. This year, I also made a list of my often-forgotten cleaning tricks so I can print it off and check the boxes along the way so nothing gets overlooked. Maybe they’re things you forget as well so print off your list, hit play, and clean away!

  • Throw the kitchen sink strainer in the dishwasher
  • Dust your baseboards
  • Mop/Swiffer your bathroom floors
  • Run baking soda volcanos in your drains
  • Clean out your closet – get rid of things you don’t wear, clean up the corners or shelves that are housing things you’ve tossed around
  • Clean your glasses with spray or wipes
  • Wash your walls (and listen to My Favorite Murder while you do it)
  • Flip your mattress
  • Wash any rugs that can be washed
  • Switch your linens
  • Rotate your summer/winter stuff out of your closet and dressers
  • Dust ceiling fans

Any spring cleaning tasks you always forget? Let us know in the comments (because I’m probably forgetting it too!)