march goals / february recap

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I had set myself up for a pretty busy February, especially for being such a short month. Maybe it was the unseasonable warmth we had, but I felt pretty unstoppable and successfully completed the majority of my goals. Here’s how the month checked out on my end:

  • Work out three times a week I did start working out again, but it was very inconsistent. I started doing DDP Yoga, though, so hopefully having a plan to stick to will help!
  • Blog twice a week Between this blog and a new secret project, I was on track for two posts per week!
  • Join a blogger community Sort of success? I know what I want to join, just didn’t have the time to devote to it this month, so I never pulled the trigger. I was active in several Facebook groups, so I’ll count that as a win here.
  • Pick up a freelance gig
  • Call Chase to lower my credit card interest rate This was laziness. I had no excuse not to do this.
  • Write one guest post/submit an article to the Billfold I did pitch (haaay) but it was turned down. I think I could have framed it a bit differently. I have a few other ideas I’m bouncing around as well to pitch again, and try to get published there before the end of the year. The Billfold has been one of my favorite blogs for a really long time, so this is a long-term goal for me.
  • Read two books I read SmashedHyperbole and a Half, and All the Bright Places. Highly, highly, highly recommend All the Bright Places.
  • Renew car insurance Apparently I’d had this on autopay. Good job, past Desi!
  • Find a therapist I actually found more than one, and made several appointments. My first appointment went really well, so I ended up canceling the rest, which was a nice relief. Therapist shopping can be overwhelming and hard.
  • Sort out a budget that sees my credit cards paid off by June
  • Buy a desk
  • Give blood
  • Passion Planner roadmaps
  • Sort out insurance stuff I did get this taken care of, but a new issue popped up that I’ll need to stay up to date with next month.

All in all, not a bad month! Even outside my goals, I felt like I had a really productive month. I started working on a secret new blog, started strategizing ways to monetize, and made a trip home to see my family. (And ate a lot of pizza.) I’m expecting to keep the momentum going into March, and hope that the change in seasons will help encourage that productivity!

March Goals

  • 10 No Spend Days
  • Read three books
  • Figure out car registration
  • Finish getting tax stuff sorted
  • Complete web development course
  • Follow up regarding a health insurance issue
  • Clean out closet
  • Give blood
  • Fix my budget
  • Continue meditating twice a week
  • Work out three days a week
  • Update media kit
  • Launch new blog project
  • Blog three times a week

I (very responsibly) managed to forget that my car registration was up this month… and also promptly lost my driver’s license and wallet right before I went to renew it. It’s a mess. I just want to get it sorted as soon as possible and be done with it. Getting a desk has been on my to-do list since we moved to Chicago. Maybe this month I will finally pull the trigger so we can get the office finally set up!

What are you focusing on this month? Did you have a fabulous February?

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