tune tuesday: ladies who rock

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tune tuesday

For most of my life I felt like I didn’t listen to very much music by women. I couldn’t find any female fronted bands I liked, or didn’t like their voice, or always felt it was too poppy. Not that there’s anything wrong with pop – I love Kesha as much as anyone – but sometimes you just need heavy guitars and angry lyrics. Over the last year my friends have been sending me some really great female driven rock, and it’s all I want to listen to lately.

Hop Along, Texas Funeral I just wanted a happy ending, don’t be so sad just cause you lost who you are ’cause none of this is gonna happen to me

Laura Stevenson, Jellyfish so my system’s ready in case somebody comes to fill my head with petty jealousy and show me all the things I could be doing if I were a vertebrate, but it’s comfortable not wondering at all. I’ll be home indoors because I’m wasting away my life and gifts on being a jellyfish.

sad13, <2 marbles, baubles, crystals and clay: that’s why I’m working with you. I’m kinda like you, always been beside you, staring at myself in the officer’s mirror. I’m in less than two with you

Daddy Issues, Creepy Girl I’m a creepy girl and I’m in love with you, I’m in love with you, I’m in love with you

Wussy, Airborne I think it’s clear that I adore you, I didn’t mean to bore you or grind it in so deep. I had to place another call, didn’t think that you would fall in with the company you keep

Lydia Loveless, Crazy well I hope this moment will never be over because I just don’t know how I’m gonna face being sober ’cause that’s when I know I’m gonna have to regret all of the disgusting things that I know I said…

Priests, Nothing Feels Natural