February Goals

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January was a bit of a whirlwind between surgery, the plague, and moving, so I didn’t even make any monthly goals. With my year-long 2017 goals in mind, I have quite a few in mind this month so I can work toward accomplishing all of those and stick to getting my life back under control.

  • Work out three times a week
  • Blog twice a week
  • Join a blogger community
  • Pick up a freelance gig
  • Call Chase to lower my credit card interest rate
  • Write one guest post/submit an article to the Billfold
  • Read two books
  • Renew car insurance
  • Find a therapist
  • Sort out a budget that sees my credit cards paid off by June
  • Buy a desk
  • Give blood
  • Passion Planner roadmaps
  • Sort out insurance stuff

Quite a few goals on the docket this month – some of them are just things I’ve been meaning to tick off for awhile, like little housekeeping things. This is the first month in… well, months, where I feel a sense of calm. There are a few out of town concerts we’re heading to, but for the most part, I know I’m going to be at home, and I’m going to have some time to myself. That’s a really great feeling!

Having time to be at home and landed (in a clean, unpacked house!!!) has been a gamechanger¬†for my mental health. I don’t feel as anxious and scattered as I had been. This year, I’m planning in a combination of my bullet journal from last year as well as a Passion Planner – the bullet journal serves mostly as to-do lists, brainstorms and more of a “traditional” journal, and my PP is more for long-term planning and daily appointments and scheduling. It’s a much better system than I had going last year – as pretty as ban.do planners are, I just don’t think they jive with my planning style.

One month into 2017, are you on track with your annual goals? What are you focusing on in February?

February 1, 2017
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