new year, new city, new home: living room style

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It was a long time coming, but Dani and I finally found a place in Chicago and moved to our new city (full time) at the beginning of the year! When I moved out of Nashville, I got rid of alllll my living room furniture, including my much beloved couch. As a result, we’re refurnishing the living room too, but it’s a bit awkwardly shaped without much room for a cozy couch like that anymore. Here’s my wishlist for what I would love to put in my dream living room!

Sofa: I had this guy in Nashville and I think it’s a little too bulky for our narrow living room, but I miss it desperately. It was long enough for my 5’11” frame to comfortably stretch out onto, super comfy, and hid stains really well. The microfiber fabric felt really great too. I miss this couch a lot.

Rug: Today we learned how to measure a room to pick out the correct rug size! I really like the different shades of blue and purple in this rug – it would look great against our gray walls.

Coffee table: I’m really into marble and gold lately, so this coffee table hits both of those loves. But it does look like something I could do some real damage to myself on, with as accident prone as I’ve been lately.

Shelf: Our fireplace doesn’t have a mantel, so we’ve been looking around for a shelf to put up above it. This shelf is cute, but it’s so heavy that now we’re scared to actually put it up now that we’ve gotten it ?

Floor lamp: I’m surrounded by people who hate overhead lighting, so I’m on the hunt for a really nice, fancy floor lamp. This is way out of the budget, but I think it’s really fun.

Artwork: We put up the start of our gallery wall the other day, but now we’re looking for a big piece above the fireplace. I like the rose gold in this one, and as a former archer, arrows are a nice touch.