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new year, new city, new home: office style

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It was a long time coming, but Dani and I finally found a place in Chicago and moved to our new city (full time) at the beginning of the year. Since we have an extra bedroom, we’re turning it into an office/guest room(/second closet, whoops.) Much like my bedroom, I’m starting over here as well – the only thing that made the trip with me is my trusty IKEA Markus desk chair. Here’s my vision board for a warm, inspiring office!

Desk: I’ve long wanted a giant, white desk that I can just spread out at, and white helps keep me focused and think clearly. This corner desk from IKEA would be a great space saver while also giving me a lot of surface for bullet journals, pens (and maybe a computer.)

Chair: I already have a chair that I love dearly (and highly highly recommend!) but this white one is really cute too. I like the quilted detail and again, it fits in with my white theme.

Rug: I like to have these really fuzzy shearling rugs under my desk so my feet have something cozy to rest on or dig into. They also give a really glam, luxe feel to a space that could otherwise be pretty stark or institutional.

Floor lamp: Table and desk lamps have never been the best for me – higher lighting, like ceiling lights or floor lamps, help me see a lot more clearly. Maybe it’s because I’m so tall I need light sources to come from above me. Whatever the case, this gold one has a nice, Scandanavian feel, and the color would make me feel glam and fancy.

Area rug: Black and white stripes have somehow become a bit of a staple for me, and now I want them everywhere, all the time. This rug would bring a lot of focus away from the grey walls in the apartment and accent the hardwood floors we have!

iMac: I had an iMac for years and I absolutely loved it. After being a three-computer user for several years, I’m now down to one, but I’m itching all the time for another desktop with a giant, elevated screen.

File box: I love that this file box not only fits under a desk easily, but it can also serve as extra seating or an ottoman as well, if you want to perch your feet up!

Nate Berkus Office Supplies: Dani and I went to Target the other night and made the mistake of steering down this aisle. I am pretty sure I picked up each and every office supply and drooled over it obscenely.

What are your office necessities?