new year, new city, new home: bedroom style

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It was a long time coming, but Dani and I finally found a place in Chicago and moved to our new city (full time) at the beginning of the year. One of the most fun parts of moving has always been decorating my bedroom – since I got rid of almost all my furniture when I left Nashville, I had to start totally from scratch. In bed I like really cool colors – black, white, and grey. The walls in my bedroom are grey, so I’m trying to bring in more white through my bedding, furniture, and accents. Through the miracle of Amazon and sites like Wayfair (and my much-suffering friends who got recruited to help after I had surgery) I’m refurnishing and sticking to my budget. Here’s my vision board for some clean bedroom design if you’re looking for inspiration!

Bed: I’ve always had this vision in my head of wanting a tufted grey headboard and siderails, but it’s been pretty elusive to find anything close to my vision under $1000 (apparently I have expensive taste.) After endless hours of browsing Amazon for something I liked, I saw this one and pounced. One of the wings did come without the pre-drilled holes, so I called the company and they’re supposed to be sending out the replacement part. Once that’s on, I’m going to feel like the fanciest princess in my bed.

Fan Pull: I really wanted to go full glam in my room this time around, even down to the details. The fan pulls in our apartment were broken off almost every fan, so I grabbed these little guys.

Comforter: This one was an impulse buy – for quite awhile, my eye had been on this set from Bed Bath & Beyond, but it’s so pricey I found it very hard to pull the trigger. (Plus, who really needs that many throw pillows?) I saw this one on clearance at Target for $35 with a much more reasonable total of two pillow shams included, and it’s super soft and comfortable.

Chair: My bedroom is HUGE, but it’s nice to have extra space to set up a little reading nook. Shopping online for a chair is harder than you would think (especially when reading each review critically) so I ended up actually measuring my butt and comparing it to the dimensions of the chairs I was looking at. This one won because it had the biggest seat. Sometimes shopping is really just a game of practicality.

Rug: I haven’t pulled the plug on a rug yet, but I know I want something high pile and fluffy. My friends are trying to steer me away from anything primarily white, but it’s all I seem to be drawn to. Hmmph.

Shelving: I had the IKEA Expedit shelves in one of my apartments long ago and loved them. Target had this six-cube version on sale the other day, and it’s perfect for corralling my records, displaying some pictures, and of course, part of my ever-growing candle collection.

Nightstand: This is one piece in my room where aesthetics won out over function – while I love the design of this and the drawer that lets me hide away remote controls and chapsticks (and has space under it for this cute basket with extra blankets), I wish I had opted for a two-drawer Malm dresser from IKEA instead for more storage in the space.

What’s your favorite source for decorating your home?