new year, new city, new home: kitchen style

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It was a long time coming, but Dani and I finally found a place in Chicago and moved to our new city (full time) at the beginning of the year. Setting up our apartment has been really fun, but there are a few things that we seem to still be missing… or a few things we have too many of. Here are a couple of things that remain on our want list!

Print: It’s no secret at all that The Hold Steady is my favorite band, and I found this print a few years ago and have coveted it since. “Citrus” is one of my favorite songs of theirs, and I’ve always thought this would be really cute in a bar area.

Coffee station: We really like coffee. Like, it’s a problem. We have so many coffee mugs between us that there’s not enough storage in our kitchen, not to mention the varieties of coffee and tea we have tucked away. We’ve been on the hunt for a storage unit that will fit our needs, and I really like the Billy bookcases from Ikea – they have so many different combinations, we could easily customize something that would (hopefully!) fit our collections.

Bar cart: …we might also like gin and similar to our coffee collection, we’re out of space for our margarita and wine glasses, and the liquor bottles require a step stool to reach. Not acceptable. I love the bamboo style of this one – matches my favorite Framebridge photos!

Coffee pot: This is our coffee pot. These… are our coffee pots? We got matching coffee pots before moving in together, so now we have a match set of this guy. It features an autostart option so you can schedule it to brew your coffee before you wake up (I did this in Nashville a lot and it was great,) as well as a timer to shut the coffee pot off before it burns out.

Kitchen island: I really love islands, and this one serves a double purpose: not only would it increase our counter space (as we’ve found out, we don’t have nearly enough since we take food seriously here) but it would also give me a place to pull up a bar stool and perch to work at. For some reason I’ve always been able to focus better sitting in taller chairs (maybe because of my towering height) so the only disappointment for me in our apartment is the absence of a counter to hang out at.

Do you have any kitchen must haves?