hygge holiday: get cozy and reset

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Now that the Christmas rush is over, most of us get the luxury of an abbreviated work week, if not a full week of rest to recharge before the new year. It’s the perfect time to hygge – a cozy Danish tradition that focuses on rest and relaxation. I’m certainly happy to take a tip from the Danes, since they’re regularly ranked as the happiest nation in the world. Take some time to relax and hygge this week with some of these tips and ideas!

  • Girls Night: call your closest friends over for a night of all fun and no worries. Break out the beer (or make up a drink for the party) and bake some favorite treats for a pajama party snuggled under fluffy blankets. You could even make it a theme party – it’s the perfect time to get together and set up planners for 2017, or pick out a project on Ravelry and knit up a hat or fuzzy socks!
  • Tech Detox: this is my holy grail idea of hygge. Get off social media, hide your phone charger, and enjoy the silence. It’s incredible how much time we waste on social media by endlessly scrolling through pages and pages of content. Put some of that time to a different use, like reading a book, working out, or cleaning out clutter. (I always find that I feel much happier when I’m not exposing myself to filtered versions of everyone else’s lives.) Plus, it’s much easier to get roped into doing any work if you aren’t checking emails or texts!
  • Spa Day: block your Saturday off for a day of self-care. Go natural with a DIY coffee scrub and foot soak, or opt for a set from Lush or Aveda. It’s a great way to get your body feeling great and your mind relaxed and calm. Light the candles, pick a good book and cup of tea to sip, and relax the day away. Plus, it’s another great excuse to spend time in your cozy sweats.
  • Dinnertime: cook up some comfort food and invite your friends and family over. My perfect day would involve non-stop courses of baked pastas, sweet treats, and warm drinks. Make your living room into a hyggekrog and keep the snacks coming.

Are you taking part in hygge? Who even knew this even had a name?