gift guide 2016: amazon prime last minute gifts

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gift guide: amazon prime
At the beginning of December, I shared a week of posts with great gift ideas, and even last week I posted some ideas for procrastinators. But there’s always that person who puts everything off until after the last second, or you’re blindsided by a gift from someone you didn’t expect to get anything from. God bless Amazon Prime for that two-day delivery! Take a look at these ideas still available to make it to your doorstep by Friday.

Hedgehog Toothbrush Holder: Could this toothbrush holder be any cuter? It sticks to a mirror with suction cups and holds your toothbrush up, protecting it from any gross stuff in the bathroom air. Other options available are an elephant, a giraffe, a panda, a cow – and even more!

Back Massager: There was a mystery one of these in my old office, and honestly, I’ve been lusting for one ever since I left that job. The different knobs make it easy to reach different parts of your back and since you control the pressure, you can work out the knots exactly as you need to.

6 Piece Red Lipstick Set: I’m a sucker for red lips, and an even bigger sucker for low-price makeup. This six piece set has a great rating and lots of different shades, so one of those will match your giftee. A set also means you could split it up and kill many birds with one gift, and the price is lower than a lot of single tubes you’ll find at Sephora or Ulta!

Prismacolor Art Markers: Prismacolor markers are a little pricey, but they’re great splurge gifts for anyone, especially coloring book fans and planners. Pair it with one of the many many many coloring books available on Prime, or a Lechtturn or Moleskine notebook, and you’re all set.

Travel Mug With Coffee Filter: Have a coffee lover you forgot about? This travel mug is part french press, so they can brew their coffee on the commute. Another product you could pair with Prime’s other options, like a bag of coffee, to make a fancier present!

Credit Card Sized Phone Charger: If you don’t find yourself regularly running out of juice on your products, let me in on your secret. An external battery that is small, light, and can be tucked easily into a wallet or purse is a great gift, and the price and reviews on this one are great.

Amazon Firestick: I got one of these two years ago when they first came out, so it doesn’t have the fancy Alexa search feature, but it still works really well. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to stream to their TV without the price tag of something like an Apple TV (or without any price tag at all, really, since you’re gifting it to them!)

Are you an Amazon Prime addict already? Do you prefer to do most of your shopping in person, or online?