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Maven Clinic: healthcare in your home

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maven clinic

Maven is a virtual clinic with providers in a variety of specialties (think medical doctors, therapists and counselors, and nutritionists, to name a few) that provide healthcare online via video and private messaging sessions. They have providers in all 50 states with appointment times around the clock, so you can get healthcare when it works for your schedule. Maven’s providers include Nurse Practitioners, OB/GYN docs, physical therapists, midwives and more. Review a provider’s profile including specialties and years of patient experience before you book to determine if it’s a good fit for your needs (and most providers are women, if you feel awkward talking about sexual health with male doctors.) Most providers also offer no penalty for appointments if they’re canceled 24 hours in advance.

Until the end of the year, Maven is offering free appointments for birth control access:

At Maven, one thing we believe will never change: getting birth control easily and affordably is a social imperative. Now through the end of the year, speak to one of our women’s health practitioners for free and get your prescription written immediately (or get your questions about IUDs answered).

Because of the flexibility that Maven offers, it’s a great option for busy women to get this super important service before the end of the year. Instead of having to leave work for an appointment, you can do it from your break room or wherever you might be. I especially like that you can get prescriptions – a recurring frustration to me over the years has been sitting in front of a doctor, almost always male, having to fight to assure him that yes, I know my body, and I know that X symptom means that Y infection is going on in there. Maven makes me feel empowered about my health care – and makes it easy to see a doctor on my schedule, wherever I am.

Maven Clinic
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I currently see a therapist on Maven, and took advantage of a post-Thanksgiving promotion they ran for a nutritionist appointment. One really great thing about Maven is that if you sign up using a promotional code, they don’t disqualify you from taking advantage of other promotions they offer in the future (like therapist speed dating to find someone who works for you, or other similar offers.) Sign up using the referral code DESIVIP for a $25 credit (which is enough for a free appointment!) which can be used in addition to their free birth control offer as well.

Since originally posting this, I’ve also learned about PRJKT RUBY, another online birth control provider. I haven’t personally used it so I can’t give a review, but it’s worth checking into if you’re concerned about possible insurance changes!

Have you used any health care apps like Maven in place of an urgent care visit? Would you try virtual therapy?