gift guide: 2016 last minute

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Last week I shared a week of posts with great gift ideas, but there are always those procrastinators – no time to go shopping, can’t find Tickle Me Elmo (if you’re in the market, there’s one in the basement at my parents house), or whatever. Shipping deadline to arrive by December 24 for a lot of websites is TODAY (sure, there’s a lot of great stuff on Amazon Prime yet, but small shops are so much more unique.) Here are some last minute ideas if you still have some outstanding shopping to do!

This Is Fine Dog: 2016 is (mercifully) coming to a rapid end, but I still find myself in frequent need that everything is fine. The dog from the Gunshow comic is being made into a plush animal, and he’s on preorder. It will look like you planned ahead, and they even have a card you can print out for your giftee to open in the meantime.

Vinyl Me, Please Subscription: Subscription boxes are the ultimate procrastination gift. They’re great, and it’s possible to find a quirky service that matches almost any niche your friends have. I mentioned Vinyl Me, Please last year, and I’m mentioning them again this year because their records just get prettier and prettier. Pick any subscription box that matches your friends taste, write up a nice card with the gift receipt, and you’ll look like you planned ahead!

May Books: Everyone loves planning and stationary as much as me, right? May Designs has been launching a lot of new products over the last couple of years, including planner stickers, calendars, and new sizes of their May Books. They even have Buffalo plaid covers now, which I’m super jealous of. You could order a custom planner or journal and have it in time for the gift exchange.

Coloring Books and Colored Pencils: Coloring books have been hot topics for a few years now, and I’m still a big fan of them. There are super specific ones available – you can get zen while coloring in swear words or picturing your own version of the Upside Down. Get some fancy colored pencils (my favorite are Prismacolors, but you can go the Crayola route as well) and you have a great relaxation gift.

Do you plan ahead, or do you wait until the last minute?