gift guide 2016: girls, girls, girls

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We’re just a few weeks out from Christmas, and in the crunch for wrapping up the holiday shopping lists! If you’re feeling stuck on gift ideas, I’ve put together a week of ideas to help you get inspired. If you’re stumped on ideas for your girlfriend, I have a couple ideas that might help spark some ideas for you!

The Positivity Kit: I’m made fun of a LOT for my sunny disposition (ha, ha, ha.) I do want to try to focus more on positivity and all that junk, and I also want to make a more concerted effort to journal, but it’s a lot easier for me to write when prompted. The Positivity Kit is a cute journal that helps you focus on the good things in your life, and has illustrations and ideas to write about if you’re stuck, or not feeling particularly positive.

Letterboard: Letterboards like this are super popular right now, and with good reason. They’re great office accessories, home decor, or party welcoming boards. This one has a bright yellow background to brighten up a dull cubicle aesthetic, and you can purchase additional letters as well so she can add messages to her heart’s desire.

Will Work for Champagne Mug: A coffee mug mentioning champagne might make the day seem a little bit longer (I LOVE bubbles and would drink prosecco, cava, or any other fizzy variation any time of day,) but it will also fit in great next to weekend mimosas.

Stay Sexy, Don’t Get Murdered My Favorite Murder Shirt: My new favorite podcast is My Favorite Murder, and I especially love their sign off: “stay sexy, don’t get murdered.” This shirt might be a bit far for your lady, but if she is devoted to a certain podcast like I am, see if they have any merch. She’ll be excited that you pay attention to what she’s listening to in her headphones!

Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat: I love buying makeup, but I hate cleaning my brushes or spending money on supplies. This little mat would look cute on the bathroom counter when not in use, and will make this necessary task a little bit easier and less time consuming.

Killer Cartoon Cat Keychain: It’s likely that I’ve been listening too much MFM (or spending toooo much time on their Facebook group reading true crime,) but I saw this guy and thought it was awesome. She can tuck this sweet cat between her knuckles on the way to the bus stop or out on a run for a little extra security in case she needs to kick some butt.

Rosé Gummies: Basic we may be, I don’t know any of my friends who don’t love rosé on a patio. These gummies are shaped like baby rosettes and have a pretty pink tint to look cute as a desk accessory as she slowly snacks away, helping happy hour come a little more quickly.