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gift guide 2016: wanderlusters

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We’re just a few weeks out from Christmas, and in the crunch for wrapping up the holiday shopping lists! If you’re feeling stuck on gift ideas, I’ve put together a week of ideas to help you get inspired. Travel is one of my favorite pastimes, and something I love getting gifts for – planning and going on a trip can be stressful, so this is an area I think a lot of my fellow travel friends prefer receiving things for. (Buying your own travel shower gel? Super boring. Get a fancier one as a gift? More exciting!) Here are some things I’ve seen floating around that would suit any road (or air) warrior.

PurseN Travel Pillow: When I was a couple years younger and just starting to travel, I thought those memory foam neck pillows were so silly. Why not just wad up a hoodie or scarf and use that? Now, however, I find myself jealous of those who walk around with these upon their necks, imagining the comfortable sleep they’ll get – especially as I find myself in window seats less and less. The PurseN pillow in particular has me lusting – it includes zippered pockets so you can tuck away things you want to reach quickly, like earbuds, Dramamine or sunglasses.

The Humorless Ladies of Border Control: Touring the Punk Underground from Belgrade to Ulaanbaatar: A book about travel seems like the perfect airplane (or road trip, if you love audiobooks like I do) companion, right? Franz Nicolay (you might recognize his name as a member of my favorite band, The Hold Steady) left the band a few years ago and embarked on a tour of Eastern Europe. This book chronicles his journey and give you a little lesson in punk rock at the same time.

Showerpill: I discovered Showerpill a few years ago to tuck away in my gym bag or purse for runch sessions, but they’ve turned out to be invaluable travel companions as well. If you’re on a trip where you’re walking around the city all day and just need to freshen up, these are great to stash away and use on a coffee break, or even just to wipe the airplane air off.

Away Luggage Carry-on: This isn’t a product I own, but I saw an ad for it the other day and it really piqued my interest. Smartly designed for a frequent traveller (um, ring a bell?) I love the built-in organization including a shoe compartment and compression bag for dirty laundry. You can even charge your phone from this luggage, which puts it right at the top of my own wish list!

Travel Minimergency Kit: I’ve always thought these minimergency kits were cute and useful, and a handy way to pack a lot of products in a tiny space. The newly released Travel kit is more of an airplane survival kit with hand cleanser wipes, ear plugs, earbuds, lip balm, breath freshener and more, but it’s a nice way to have a backup in case you forget your own essentials.

VERB Haircare & Clean Getaway Kit: Sure, every hotel room has it’s own tiny shampoo bottles – but sometimes it’s nice to spoil yourself in a fancy room, too. Pick up a travel-sized kit from Sephora or Ulta and they’ll enjoy relaxing with a mud mask or hair treatment!

Are you a regular traveler? What’s on your wanderlust wishlist?