tune tuesday: thanksgiving

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tune tuesday

Thanksgiving has long been my favorite holiday, and it really doesn’t get its due with seasonal songs. Getting up early to start cooking the bird, fighting with my mom about how many Brussels sprouts to make (she doesn’t like them and assumes no one else does either, but every year when I make them, guess what’s the first dish to go), shoehorning between 30-40 family members into NP’s old house – it’s just one of the best times of the year. I tend to put on my Pumpkin Spice playlist for a nice fall-into-winter soundtrack.

where there was a me, there could be an us. I dreamt about money, she talked about trust. she is my axis, death is by foxes and we were well on our way, in America, this is home

all I want is, a little heart, a different point of view yeah, a different start. no time for feeling old, no time for feeling blue, no time for wasting what we know

late this afternoon I heard your voice, it was the first time in what felt like years. it was a whisper in my ear and then the wind in the trees, it was the shaking of leaves that shook the streets while shaking me.

What’s your favorite holiday? Do you control the music at family events?