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top 5: holy grail beauty products

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Somehow, sometime, I became a little bit of a girl girl in that I LOVE makeup and beauty products. Trips to Sephora and Ulta are therapy for me, and some of my favorite BFF activities with Dani have been nights we’ve stayed in, painted on eight different masks, and given ourselves at-home pedicures. In light of that, I thought I’d share some of my favorite products today – they might even spark some gift ideas for you!


s1855691-main-lheroI was lucky to have pretty clear skin my whole life, so in April when I thought I was having an allergic reaction to a new foundation (a totally new experience, since I’ve never had sensitive skin before,) I tried to chalk up the breakout and irritated skin that lingered to that foundation. It’s been months now, and my skin hasn’t cleared up very much and especially heading into winter, the dry and itchy feeling was getting worse and worse. I finally walked into Sephora like a lost puppy, and right away they steered me to Dr. Jart’s Cicapair cream. It’s super thick and creamy, so you feel the hydration immediately. It feels cool on my skin while I pat it on – the girls at Sephora also taught me that you should pat moisturizers into your skin so they’re better absorbed. It’s pricier than anything I’ve ever gotten, but the relief goes far beyond vanity – plus, the finish is so nice, you can even get away without extra product.

Josie Maran’s Argan Black Oil Mascara has been my go-to mascara since I first got a sample of it with an order a few years ago. It doesn’t clump, gives really nice length, and builds nicely if you want a bolder look.

02128Two of my favorite products, coconut oil and sea salt, come together in Lush’s Ocean Salt – a face and body cleanser. I primarily use it on my face, but it’s an incredible exfoliant for bodies too. The coconut hydration counteracts the sea salt’s scrub, and the scent makes me feel like I’m off on a beach somewhere. As far as Lush products go, this one is pretty affordable – a little product goes a long way.

I’m a little bit of a princess when it comes to my hair – I’ll only get it dyed at an Aveda salon, and then I’ll only use their products to keep it bright and vibrant as long as possible. My favorite blonde hair product is their Blue Malva conditioner – I use it every other shampoo after a fresh dye, and it keeps the color more vibrant for longer by neutralizing brassy tones from hard water.

Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb has been my scent for over five years. I got a sample of it in my first Sephora order and lusted after it, thinking it was too expensive for me to order as a poor college kid. Eventually, I splurged on a bottle, and though I’ve tried other fragrances since then, I always come back to this. It’s light, floral, spicy and sexy – the perfect combination.

What are your holy grail beauty products?