tune tuesday: fading summer

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I get sad every September with the end of summer. Summer days are longer: more time for productivity, more time to cook in the sun. This summer hasn’t felt quite the same: I had an amazing time traveling, as always, but it went so fast it was like I could barely take a breath to enjoy it in the moment. For the transition into fall, I’m sharing some chill tune Tuesday tracks we can all cuddle up with as we steel ourselves against the coming weather.

Joseph “Honest I’m alone/no you’re not…

Fink “Looking Too Closely” this is a song about somebody else, and you don’t wanna hurt yourself by looking too closely

The Replacements “Left of the Dial” and if I don’t see ya, in a long, long while, I’ll try to find you left of the dial

Craig Finn “Sandra From Scranton” we posed for the pictures, all shiny and shattered and your sister went off for some actor so we scatter like spores and try to find purchase in dirt.