tune tuesday: running folk

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folk music tune tuesday

Last month I headed to Kansas City to visit my cousin and attend a conference for work, and it was maybe the best week of my musical life. Folk Alliance is a week long folk version of South by Southwest that is contained in a hotel, so there’s no running from venue to venue to catch the set you waited to see. When I couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night I just headed downstairs to the fourth, fifth, and sixth floors to check out new music or watch my old friends pick and stomp their hearts out.

It’s little secret to anyone, probably, that I am a serial song repeater. Not only will I listen to certain songs on repeat for hours and days, there are full albums I’ve done this with for years and years now. In an effort to stop myself from doing this and in order to get through the huge list of jams I accumulated at Folk Alliance, I made myself a running playlist of my very favorite finds. I pride myself on making a great playlist, but this is honestly one of my greatest! If you’re looking for some new music to help you get through your next workout, load this up on your phone and give it a spin.

What are you listening to lately?