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One of my biggest 2016 goals is to get my health and fitness back on track – from improving my admittedly awful posture, to forcing myself to get up and walk around (you take for granted how many steps per day are built in to your life when you work outside the home – if I let myself, I could easily average fewer than 500 steps per day in my home office!) While there’s a nice gym in my complex, and the complex itself has some walking trails, sometimes I don’t always want to go outside (especially now that it’s getting chilly again!) When I’m not quite feeling the trek outdoors, I have some go-to YouTube videos I like to have on hand. Even if you do work from an office, these are quick and easy enough that you could find some solo space, set up your phone or laptop, and get a nice workout in during your lunch break!

It’s no secret that I love Richard Simmons, and this is a quick 20 minute routine you could easily fit into even a half-hour lunch break!

Richard isn’t the only dance-inspired workout you can pack in in 20 minutes. I’m also a fan of this body burn workout from BeFit that you can do anywhere. It’s another nice one you can do on a quick lunch break, either at home or on a break.

I’m not the biggest fan of HIIT workouts, but I definitely understand how they work great for the body and are perfect for packing in quick workouts on tight schedules. XHIT Daily’s trainers are really motivational, and it makes these workouts that are normally so awful to me pass by quickly!

Another “holy grail” at-home workout is, of course, Cassey Ho’s Blogilates. Another trainer who keeps me motivated, makes the time fly, and leaves me feeling dead after the workout. She has a wide range of videos for beginners as well as advanced, and does a great job explaining the moves.

Do you workout at lunch, or prefer these kinds of at-home videos? What are your favorites?