Work Out

on the (treadmill) again

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After accidentally taking a year off from regular runs or workouts, I started pounding the tread again in my apartment gym fairly regularly in mid-September. After being pretty committed for awhile, and not having bought or been fitted for new shoes since April 2012, I thought it was high time I got my tail in to a running shop. I took myself in to Fleet Feet Brentwood and got fitted for new shoes! (For anyone curious, I highly recommend going on the day before Halloween – people start celebrating early here, so the store was empty when I walked in.)

The fit specialist took a look at my beaten-down running shoes and asked what size I wear. She measured my feet and broke the most upsetting news I’ve possibly ever heard: this size 11-cursed girl has now crossed the threshold into size 12 running shoes. I considered walking out then – who on earth has ever seen cute size 12 running shoes? Certainly not me, and certainly not the size 11, April 2012 version of me who was reduced to ugly blue and gray Asics. She assured me that things have gotten better, and was confident we’d find something comfortable and pretty for me.

The first pair I tried on were Asics GT-2000s, and they felt good. To be honest, I didn’t want them to – I don’t particularly like the look of Asics, and though my last pair did treat me well, I was hoping for a cooler (and prettier) pair. She had me run up the sidewalk to watch my gait before we moved on to the next pair, Mizuno Wave Inspires. These felt even better than the Asics, and I definitely liked them more – the bright, pretty coral color was a vast improvement over my old, dull grey shoes. They felt great on my feet, and I could really feel the support for my slight overpronation.


The last pair I put on, and the ones I definitely wanted to be the winners, were the Brooks Ravennas. For some reason, I’ve always been attracted to the design of Brooks shoes, and these ones even came in my favorite colors: turquoise and hot pink. Even though the Mizunos felt better, I knew I was going to pick the Ravennas before I even put them on.

$130 later after the shoes, a new pair of Feetures, and a tube of Nuun, I’m back on the treadmill again, hoping to be in shape for a 2:45 St. Jude half marathon in the spring.

Have you ever had to switch your shoes because your model was discontinued? What’s your favorite brand of running shoes?