tune tuesday: smitten kitten

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You know when you first start to see someone new, and your heart and mind just races, and your heart just flutters in the best way? It’s been a long time since I’ve felt that, since I was with Sixx for so many years. I met a cute boy recently, and even if it doesn’t go anywhere, I’m trying to enjoy the ride with this right now, listening to cutesy music and staying up late flirting. I thought I’d share some of the jams that are sending me walking around with a non-stop dumb smile on my face!

matt nathanson faster You make my heart beat faster. Only you own me, and rattle my bones, you turn me over and over ’til I can’t control myself.

rilo kiley portions for foxes And the talking leads to touching, and the touching leads to sex, and then there is no mystery left.

the juliana theory we’re at the top of the world (to the simple two) We’re at the top of world, you and I, we’ve got a lot of time and it sure feels right ’cause you reached in your pocket and pulled out a pass that says you can take me anywhere

the 1975 fallingforyou And on this night and in this light, I think I’m falling, I’m falling for you