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Doomtree is a hip hop collective based in Minneapolis that I cannot get enough of lately. I never thought I would get into rap or hip hop, but they are all so smart and literary that it’s exactly what appeals to me in music and lyrics.

This really may just end up being a Dessa appreciation post (I’ve been living a Dessa appreciation life lately, actually) because her words are just out of this world. She’s been the subject of many different “behind the scenes” type features, my favorite being Dessa Deconstructed where she talked about the meanings and creation of her most recent record Parts of Speech. I love how she mixes beats with a live band, and her lyrics are otherworldly and hit super close to home. (And also I might have had a moment of panic that involved me breaking down and buying her lipstick. Oops.)

Anyway… on to the tracks.

Doomtree, Bangarang there’s a tension in the air we’re breathing. we breathe heavy, we breathe largely, release the levy. feel the tension in the air we’re breathing and breathe heavy

Paper Tiger, And the Camera I’m sure you’re restless, and I know your methods, I bet you’re taking off tonight. I don’t expect to be taken with you, you only ever travel light. I was one of too few reasons to remain.

Dessa, Call Off Your Ghost you’re asking can’t we just be friend, but this bell in my chest still rings and it’s better to just pretend that I can’t see you waving. can’t hear you call my name and I know how much you hate it but babe, I gotta walk away. you once said if we were careful that we could do this all our lives but one of us got clumsy and both of us got wise. I think she lives around here, I see her almost daily. all I can do to stop myself from saying something crazy. I don’t think badly of her, I hope she makes you happy, it’s just a lot to ask to watch your future walking past me.

Cecil Otter, Rebel Yellow while you tried to put those pillars in line, I was watching horror films, hoping the killer was fine. I’m just a lone wolf, untamed with crooked fangs